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4moms 4Moms Infant Tub With Digital Thermometer

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4Moms Infant Tub With Digital Thermometer
4Moms Infant Tub With Digital Thermometer - Blue
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About the 4Moms Infant Tub With Digital Thermometer

A bath, for you, is an ideal way to relax – hot water, some scented candles, maybe a glass of wine, and you're in heaven. On the other hand, your baby isn't so keen on baths: after all, temperature fluctuations are a recent phenomenon for her, and her skin is very tender. It's understandable that she might get a bit anxious and grumpy. And she's not much fun when she's grumpy.


Make bathtime more peaceful for all parties involved with the Cleanwater Infant Tub from 4Moms, the brilliant "momventors" behind the Mamaroo. The built-in thermometer display on the Cleanwater Tub makes it easy for you to adjust the water to the exact temperature that your baby prefers, and handy color coding lets you know when the water is Too Hot (red), Too Cold (blue), or Just Right (green).


Furthermore, unlike standard tubs, in which bathwater gets cold and dirty, the Cleanwater Tub features a constant flow of water straight from the faucet and whisks used bathwater away, giving you complete control over the temperature and cleanliness of the bath. This is especially useful when bathtime becomes pottytime (it happens). A reservoir in the top of the tub lets you dip and fill an included rinse cup to wash your baby's hair.


Finally, the Cleanwater Infant Tub is now packaged with the 4Moms Digital Spout Cover, which extends the benefits of complete temperature control to bathing in a grownup-sized tub. The Digital Spout Cover fits over most standard faucets, and, like the Infant Tub, has a digital display that shows the temperature and flags it by color as Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right. The Spout Cover is padded so that if you or your child bump into it, no one needs to start crying.


The 4Moms Cleanwater Infant Tub and Digital Spout Cover each require three AAA batteries (not included).


4Moms Infant Tub With Digital Thermometer Specs

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4Moms Infant Tub With Digital Thermometer

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4Moms Infant Tub With Digital Thermometer
  • First Time Parent
5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

love, love, love


Easy To Clean, Portable, Sturdy Construction, Convenient Use

my best friend bought this for me off my registry, and i'm in love with it!


being a first time parent, i always doubt myself and doing new things (such as giving my newborn a bath) make me nervous/neurotic. having the temperature setting has made life that much easier. one less thing to worry about! now that my son is 7 months and has outgrown it, that feature will be missed...


i also love that as you give your child a bath, the dirty water drains while clean water enters, it also keeps the temperature comfortable.


a must have!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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This brilliant bath tub offers two innovations that will be super useful for new parents.

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