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Newborn - 6 mos

Babyhome Babyhome Dream Bassinet/Cradle

Babyhome Dream Bassinet/Cradle
Babyhome Dream Bassinet/Cradle - Oilo
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  • Base can be flipped to rock back and forth or lock in place
  • Simple, modern design fits with any decor
  • Travel bag included
  • Suitable for newborn through 6 months

About the Babyhome Dream Bassinet/Cradle

In 2001, a team of MIT scientists determined that not only do rats dream, but that they dream about experiences from the previous day. In studying brain activity, they discovered that the rats had specific brain activity while running around a circular track, and that this brain activity was duplicated while the rats slept, indicating that they were dreaming about running around the track again.


So while we can’t ask them, it’s a fair guess that babies dream about bottles and binkies, and about Mommy and Daddy. Give your baby a cozy, relaxing, and safe place to dream sweet milky dreams: the Dream Bassinet from Babyhome. This cool portable cradle has three positions of use: you can use it as a stationary bassinet, you can wheel it around, or you can flip the supports to turn it into a gentle rocker.


Babyhome is a Spanish company that has gotten plenty of attention for their innovation and style, and the Babyhome Dream Bassinet has a nifty look that you’ll love. The simple, modern design will look great in your modern home, and the polyester outer fabric is available in a variety of bold colors. The high-density foam bassinet mattress is firm and safe, and includes a matching sheet. And of course, since the Babyhome Dream Bassinet is so light, it’s great for travel! A handy travel bag is included as well. Use from birth through six months.


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