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Babyhome Babyhome Sweet High Chair & Babysitter

Babyhome Sweet High Chair & Babysitter
Babyhome Sweet High Chair & Babysitter - Lime
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About the Babyhome Sweet High Chair & Babysitter

A preference for sweetness starts early, both on the evolutionary chain and in human life. Nearly every mammal* has a taste for sugar, and even bacteria have been shown to have a preference for sugars and sweetness. Newborn babies, given the choice between breast milk and a sweet solution will choose the sweet solution instead.


The Sweet Kit from Babyhome is a healthy and sweet treat for babies (and for you, too): it’s a two-in-one kit that includes both a baby hammock and a high chair, which use the same seat; in a third configuration, the high chair seat can be reversed. And because Barcelona-based Babyhome is devoted to products that merge high value with Euro style, the Sweet Kit is serious eye candy as well!


Use the Sweet Kit as follows:


  • Sweet Dreams (0-6 months): The hammock/bouncer base is made with light, strong polished aluminum, and is both comfy and wonderfully portable. The base can be fixed in place, it can rock, or it can wheel – that’s right, you can wheel it from room to room! So when the baby is sleeping, there’s no need to jolt her awake by picking her up; just roll her baby hammock to your new destination. The Sweet Kit Sweet Dreams base has two reclining positions, and a pad is included to snuggle smaller babies. A basket under the seat keeps toys and other accessories close at hand.
  • Sweet Lunch (6-36 months): Use the same seat for the Sweet Kit high chair, which is cleverly designed to reverse direction depending on baby’s age and needs. For younger babies, use the Sweet Kit high chair’s tray; for older kids, turn the seat around and scoot your high chair up to the table, so your toddler can join the family for mealtimes. An included basket can be attached to keep the baby’s toys in reach, so she can entertain herself at the table.


The Babyhome Sweet Kit base has a padded safety harness to keep the baby safely in place, and the seat material is washable. It comes in a wide range of colors (see pictures above, with both bright and neutral options.


We’ve never seen anything quite like the Sweet Kit, with these two functions, but we know a good idea when we see it! Get one for your little sweetie today. Suitable for use from birth to three years.


* Cats are among the very few animals that cannot taste sweetness, which makes sense, because they are obligate carnivores – exclusive meat-eaters. Scientist Joe Brand, of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, says, “They're lucky. Cats really have bad teeth as it is.”

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