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Newborn - 2 yrs

Bummi Diapering Kit 8-15 Lbs

Diapering Kit 8-15 Lbs
Diapering Kit 8-15 Lbs - Available in one color
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About the Diapering Kit 8-15 Lbs

There’s nothing like wearing some soft cotton. It’s comfy, breathable, and easy to clean. When you pull a clean t-shirt over your baby’s head, you’re sure she appreciates it too. But what about that diaper? Wouldn’t it nice to wrap her in a comfy diaper too? 


Though disposable diapers have become the go-to for keeping babies fresh, cloth diapers have also been keeping little bottoms clean and dry for centuries. Instead of just wrapping your child in a big swath of material, there is a new product that’s even better.


Bummis are a popular new line of cloth diapers that will have you cheering. Because cotton is so breathable, babies stay happily dry and don’t experience the uncomfortable heat of a plastic diaper. Also, it eliminates the need for super absorbent gels, vinyls, plastics, and other chemicals. And you don’t need to sacrifice cleanliness. When your child wears a cotton diaper, you are able to tell when it is wet and change it right away. To keep it waterproof, simply tuck the diaper into a waterproof diaper cover and fasten it snugly with the Velcro-type closures. There are soft bindings around the legs and tummy to keep everything in place, but they won’t ever hurt your baby’s delicate skin.


But it gets even better, trust us. Unlike other cloth diapers, Bummis have flushable liners that put an end to tricky cleaning procedures. When you change your baby, just pull off the non-toxic and biodegradable liner and flush it away in the toilet. How easy is that?


Small size - modified with an innovative Velcro closure design, soft fit for newborns
Newborn size is great for tiny, hard-to-fit newborns, preemies, twins, and triplets Interior mesh lining - increases the flow of air, helps to hold the diaper in place
A super-adjustable three inch tummy panel of velcro that won't wear out 
Soft and stretchy lycra bindings around tummy and legs


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