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Kent Displays Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

About the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Have mercy on the trees! Instead of writing notes on Post-Its and scraps of paper, and instead of letting the kids tear through an entire sketch pad in one afternoon, get the Improv Electronics Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet.


The Boogie Board writing pad replaces paper with a reusable LCD surface that reacts to any pressure, allowing you to write or doodle at will. You can use the included metal stylus, or any other item that’s narrow enough for writing, including your finger, so you’ll never need to waste time searching around for a pen. With the Boogie Board LCD tablet, you can create lines of different thickness on the writing tablet, depending on your implement and how hard you press, so you can create some very impressive drawings. And the Boogie Board erases fully with the touch of a button, and a neat-looking flash! It’s like a technologically advanced dry-erase board or chalkboard without the mess.


The Improv Electronics Boogie Board LCD Tablet is useful for every member of the family: parents will use it for all sorts of notes, including grocery lists and to-do lists. The Boogie Board is the perfect size to go everywhere with you, since it’s flat and light, (4 ounces, 1/8 inch wide) and will ride easily in your purse or diaper bag.


And of course the kids will love it: the Boogie Board LCD Tablet is an instant way to keep kids amused anywhere. Long car trip? Get them started on games of tic tac toe and Hangman. Waiting for food to arrive at the restaurant? Give the kids the Boogie Board and let them doodle. It’s made with tough plastic that can handle rough treatment, so the kids can Boogie anytime. Includes a metal stylus and a sealed long-lasting 3V watch battery.

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Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

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Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet
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5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

Wonderful and useful

October 19th, 2012

Endless fun with this modern day Eych-a-Sketch!


After lots of use the board gets a little tiny bit less clear

Excellent buy! No worries about your child trashing a higher end tablet around food or whatever. Plus, it is drawing and writing with no urge for the child to listen to music or play games. Love it!

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