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9 mos - 3 yrs

Lollaland Lollacup Straw Cup

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Lollacup Straw Cup
Lollacup Straw Cup - Good Green
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  • Innovative weighted straw anchors in the liquid for easy drinking


  • Features adorable birdie face that kids love


  • Made in the USA


  • Does not contain BPA, phthalates, lead, or PVC


  • Handle is removable to fit into any standard cup holder

About the Lollacup Straw Cup

Chickens are mostly raised for food, but they can also be quite decorative. The feather-footed Cochin and Silkie chickens are bred for ornamental purposes, the Japanese Phoenix chicken has an extraordinary long, fanned-out tail, and Polish chickens have wonderful Albert Einstein-esque mops of feathers on their heads.


And then there’s the Lollacup chicken, which is both decorative AND useful: this rooster-faced cup for kids is as cute as can be, and is a wonderful first cup for your baby! Kids as young as 9 months can learn to sip from a Lollacup Straw Cup, and they love drinking water, juice, and milk with their little birdie friend.


The Lollacup Straw Cup is designed to make it easy for small children to sip: the straw is narrow, so kids aren’t overwhelmed by the amount of liquid that comes through, and the straw is also cleverly weighted at the end so it “follows” the liquid as your child tilts the cup. Because of the weighted straw, kids can drink from any angle, and it’s easy to get every drop of liquid out of the cup. Removable handles form the Lollacup Straw Cup’s “wings” – they help your baby grip her cup, but can be removed to fit into your cup holder.


And the Lollacup Straw Cup is easier for you, too: because there are no valves, it’s easier to clean and assemble than your average sippy cup, and there are no tiny parts to misplace. A cleaning brush is included to make cleaning your Lollacup Straw Cup even easier.


The Lollacup Straw Cup was featured on the popular “Shark Tank” TV show, and contains no BPA, phthalates, lead, PVC, nitrosamines, melamine, or biologically toxic chemicals. All parts are manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the USA.


Features and Benefits:

Valve-free, weighted straw

For use with babies as young as 9 months

Free of BPA, phthalate, lead, PVC, nitrosamines, melamine, and biologically toxic chemicals

Made in the USA

Lollacup Straw Cup Specs

Manufacturer's Product Number:
Red: 1002, Green: 1003, Orange: 1004, Purple: 1005
Made in the USA:
4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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Lollacup Straw Cup

4 user reviews.
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Lollacup Straw Cup
  • Child Care Provider
  • Grandparent
5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

My grandchild's favorite!


Easy to wash, my grandchild loves it, cute, made in USA


not spill-proof

This is the only sippy cup my granddaughter will use. I love it because it is easy to clean.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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Lollacup Straw Cup
  • First Time Parent
  • Stay at Home Parent
4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

Probably the Best Straw Cup I've Purchased

1 out of 1 person found this review helpful

Easy to Clean, No Valves, Made in USA


Expensive, Not Spill Proof Unless Lid is Closed

This cup is very different from any straw cup you will find at Babies R Us or the like. Most straw cups sold at larger stores claim to be spill proof and come with 6 or more parts including valves to prevent spills. Those valves make it pretty difficult to drink out of the cup. I wouldn't call this cup spill proof, unless your toddler is old enough to be taught to close the lid. My son is 2, so it works for us. The absence of valves allows him to drink very easily from the cup. I've actually seen an increase in his water intake since switching to this cup!


This cup is MUCH easier to clean than any other cup I've used. I know I mentioned valves above, but seriously, those things are a pain to clean and assemble. This cup is easy to clean and put together.


I think the price is high. That said, after I tested the first one, I went back and bought two more. If this cup were $3-$4 cheaper, I would give it 5 stars. The fact that it leaks when the lid is opened doesn't bother me. I've taught my son to close it.


My son gave the little birdie on the cup a kiss yesterday :)

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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Lollacup Straw Cup
  • Verified Reviewer
  • Parent of Two or More Children
5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

Love it!


Washes Easily, Easy to Use, Lightweight

I think this product works wonderfully and I LOVE that it is made in the USA!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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Lollacup Straw Cup
Natick Mom
Natick MA
  • Verified Reviewer
  • First Time Parent
2.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

Not my favorite

3 out of 6 people found this review helpful

Made in the US, Clever design idea


Leaks, Not durable, Flimsy, Difficult to Clean

I was excited to find a cup made in the USA that had a straw and was portable. When I found it was at Magic Beans, I drove over to get one, as soon as I could. I intended to use this for water so I wasn't too worried about a few leaks, but this was a bit disappointed at how easily the water can leak.


I am worried the cup will crack with the first toss in the air by my toddler. The handles are wimpy, the cup part is not the sturdiest and the straw is in multiple parts (that is good and bad). The cleaning brush is included in the purchase, which is very nice, but for the price, I was really expecting more from this cup.


On the up side, my son quickly figured out how to flip the lid to get to the straw. The straw is very easy for him to drink from and he appears to like it. It makes a cute gift but is not necessarily the everyday cup for which you may be looking.


I guess it is just lacking that extra something that keeps me from wanting to use it or ever purchase another one. The search for a better straw cup continues.

No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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