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Philips Philips LCD Digital Baby Monitor

Philips LCD Digital Baby Monitor
Philips LCD Digital Baby Monitor - Available in one color
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About the Philips LCD Digital Baby Monitor

After a busy day of feedings, kisses, and hopefully even a bath, it's finally bed time for your baby. After she is tucked in and dozing, you'll have some time to catch up on "Heroes" and finish off that leftover lasagna - but every rogue sound will send you springing off the couch to make sure she is sleeping soundly. Oh, and to make things worse, eventually you'll end up waking her up with all your visits. Yes, there is a better way. This is what baby monitors were made for.

The Philips Digital Monitor is one of the best of these devices. Not only does it have a clean and stylish design, but it offers some of the best features available. Let's start with privacy. You want to hear your baby and your baby only. This monitor guarantees zero interference from any other device like cell phones so you get a nice, clear connection with your baby with no frustrating "buzzing" sounds. It automatically chooses an unused channel and switches over if it detects another device using the same channel.

Now that you have a stable and secure connection, you can focus on your sleeping beauty. With the Philips Digital Monitor, you can listen to your baby whether you are grabbing laundry in the basement or chatting with your friend over a cup of tea in the kitchen. This monitor also functions as a walkie talkie, a unique feature that allows you to speak back to your child and soothe her during the night. The rechargeable parent unit is conveniently small, has a range of up to 900 feet, and gives you at least 8 hours of cordless monitoring. It also comes with a belt clip and neck cord so you can easily take the monitor wherever you go. If you prefer a little quiet, you can always turn down the volume and a light will indicate whether your baby is making noise. We love that you can also remotely monitor the baby's room temperature, activate the starry night-light, and play soothing lullabies while you are surfing your TiVo or finishing that email to your mom.

Features and Benefits:
Secure and private DECT technology - Guarantees zero interference
Small, mobile and rechargeable parent unit - Offers total mobility
Continuous connection between the baby and the parent unit
Visible and audible link indicators - Offers you complete peace of mind
Remotely monitors room temperature, cues starry night-light, and lullabies
Digital Display - Easy to read
Automatic channel selection - Always chooses an unused, private radio channel
Rechargeable parent unit - Gives you a minimum of 24 hours of cordless monitoring Has a range up to 900 feet 
Belt clip and neck cord - Provides hands-free convenience and mobility
Sound Level Lights - Uses lights to indicate if the baby makes noise
Includes a travel pouch - Protects the units while traveling
Choice of five lullabies - Soothes baby to sleep
Walkie Talkie - Provides the ability to allow you to hear/talk to your baby

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