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June sales: Get Stokke’d! Tripp Trapp High Chairs are only $199

stokke tripp trapp high chairSpring is a time for savings at Magic Beans! We’ve got some major sales going on right now, with steep savings on top brands. Our Summer Outlet is moving in at Magic Beans Wellesley, with up to 50% off select toys and up to 30% off apparel, plus:


However, when we asked our store staff which sale they were most excited about, the overwhelming answer was: Stokke! This month only, you can save a whopping $50 on the Stokke Tripp Trapp, a high chair that’s designed to genuinely last your family a lifetime – from baby’s first solid meals right up through high school graduation and beyond. (We have several Tripp Trapps in our office conference room!)

Here are just a few things we love about the Tripp Trapp:


1) It lasts a lifetime.

Kyle Mellino, Assistant Manager, Magic Beans Fairfield: My favorite feature of the Tripp Trapp is that unlike many other high chairs that will spend their entire lives being nothing other than a high chair, the Tripp Trapp converts into a chair that an adult can sit in!

Alison Furneaux, Sales Associate, Magic Beans Brookline: I still have multiple Tripp Trapps around my father’s house, they still hold up and look awesome, and my DAD still sits in them. They’ve won my heart, as I’ve used them myself through childhood until now. They’re versatile and easy to use, and although the max weight is 250 pounds, they’re light enough that moving them around the house isn’t difficult. A Tripp Trapp can be used in so many settings – play room, kitchen, living room, outside on warm days – whatever you wish. I think that the quality of the wood is impeccable, as I’ve never seen a scratch on any of our chairs through the years. They stay looking good, and their sturdiness undeniably makes me love Stokke even more because it gives customers with small children a bit of steadiness in their already busy lives.

Ashley Logan, Store Merchandiser, Magic Beans Boston: My favorite thing about the Tripp Trapp is that you can use it until adulthood. Since you need a high chair anyway, why not get one that you can use well past any other high chair.


2) It’s got style.

high chairs at magic beansAlison Furneaux:  I love working with chic moms who want their diaper bag to match with their stroller (and maybe their scarf). The Tripp Trapp is for them! It holds through the years and its minimal design (so hot right now) makes it a clear winner against competitors.

Diane Holmes, Sales Associate, Magic Beans Norwell:  The customer has so many color choices. Could be difficult to decide!

Alayna Cabral, Sales Associate, Magic Beans Boston:  I love introducing customers to the Tripp Trapp. They can’t believe how long-lasting and strong this chair is! Not to mention all of the cute seat cushions and colors that are available.


3) It’s ergonomic.

Kevin Fanning, Sales Associate, Magic Beans Cambridge: I’m all Tripp Trapp, all the time! What really grabbed me about the Tripp Trapp is the adjustable foot board. Until our most recent Tripp Trapp training, I never understood the importance of having a child’s feet grounded while eating. It’s certainly helpful for parents to know the difference between a fussy eater and an uncomfortable kid!

Pati Brigham, Manager, Magic Beans Norwell: I love that they last forever, and that it has an adjustable footrest. Kids eat better and happier when they have the feet planted flat and not dangling (like most high chairs)!


4) The Tripp Trapp pushes right up to the dining room table, letting your child dine with the family.

Jen Gannon, Store Merchandiser,  Magic Beans Brookline: I know people have said this a million times but I love, love, love the uniqueness of the Stokke Tripp Trapp. Not only are you investing in a good quality chair that lasts a lifetime, but I also really dig the idea of plopping the child right up at the table and encouraging them to eat from there right off the bat. It’s also so unique because it can so easily be adapted to any lifestyle with all the add-ons. And, it comes in super cool colors; I just had a customer the other day who was buying another Tripp Trapp for their second child because their older child LOVES having “his chair”!

Chelsea Abbott, Assistant Manager,  Magic Beans Brookline: It lasts forever. We have one set up in our Playscape as a chair, to show people how to goes from very young child to adult and can seamlessly fit into your home. I also like that you don’t need to add the tray, you can just pull your kiddo right up to the table with you. Plus it comes in a bunch of funky colors, you can’t go wrong with funky color choices.


Got a kid who’s getting ready for her first solid meals? What are you waiting for? Get your Tripp Trapp at Magic Beans today – even when it’s not on sale, it’s worth every penny.

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