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Category Archives: Baby

How much does a Bugaboo stroller cost? (Cameleon/Buffalo/Donkey/Bee/prices)

bugaboo runner new

When I started shopping for strollers over 13 years ago (in 2001-2002 – ack!) I remember the top of the line stroller was a Peg Perego, and it was just north of $300.  A year later, Miranda on Sex & the City got a Bugaboo Frog Stroller that cost $700, and suddenly the whole stroller world was transformed – everyone ... Read More »

The first responder: teaching kids about disabilities, with compassion

Teaching kids about disabilities, and how to treat people with disabilities respectfully, can be a tough issue: since kids are naturally curious and have no filter, they sometimes ask questions that can be hurtful (and embarrassing). Since most kids today have at least one child with a disability in their class at school, a bit of education at home is ... Read More »

Car seats then and now: from the 1940s to the present


As technological advances zoom forward over the course of our lifetime, every familiar product is transformed into something sleeker, more efficient, and more effective: for instance, could we have imagined in 1990 what the humble telephone would turn into? I’m still kind of amazed. Ironically, I almost never actually use my phone to call anyone (I prefer texting), but today ... Read More »

Specialty baby store exclusive: the Colgate Nuzzle Snuze crib mattress!


Because we like to toot our own horn, we always want to make sure that parents know how much more value you can get for your dollar by shopping at specialty baby stores. Smaller stores offer personalized, one-on-one customer service you can trust, and since our reputation is staked on the quality of our merchandise, we won’t try to sell ... Read More »

Use iPlay baby swim diapers: everyone in the pool will thank you!


Many thanks to Diana Toma in our Brookline store for all the great info! Did you know that most pools have to shut down for up to 24 hours after fecal matter has been discovered in the pool in order to disinfect and re-sanitize the water? Not only is that super-gross, but it ruins the day of everyone who was hoping ... Read More »

Beauty is everywhere: portraits of expectant parents sleeping


When Russian documentary photographer Jana Romanova was about 25, suddenly she found that all of her friends were getting pregnant (a familiar feeling for a lot of us!). It felt as though everyone around her was suddenly growing up, and she was at risk of being left behind, as the people around her were consumed with the challenges of preparing ... Read More »

Keeping kids safe in the car: take action to prevent heatstroke


Usually I like to keep things light here at Spilling the Beans, but this is such an important topic, and this blog from Safe Kids Worldwide has such great info that I wanted to make sure we shared it with you. Before we get started: since I know you’re busy busy busy, these are the two key tips that I gleaned ... Read More »

Celebrate new beginnings with the Bugaboo Special Edition Van Gogh Bee Complete Stroller


The mythology of Vincent Van Gogh tends to emphasize the sadder aspects of his life, but the great painter’s sentimental side is often forgotten. A huge number of his works were portraits of or tributes to his family, including portraits of his mother, sister, father, and grandfather, and numerous paintings and drawings of the family vicarage, garden, and church. His 1890 ... Read More »