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The 1000th post

This is a milestone, for sure. When we started this blog in 2005, the word “blog” was still an emerging part of the public vocabulary. In fact, Merriam-Webster named “blog” the “Word of the Year” in 2004. Back then, blogging was mostly for techies, pundits and voyeurs.

It’s been almost six years since Isaac (my sister’s husband and the Magic Beans CFO) suggested I start a blog. I could never have imagined then how prevalent blogs would eventually become. Today there are more than 156 million blogs on the internet. That blows my mind! The upside is, there’s no shortage of great stories to read. The downside is, there aren’t enough hours in the day to read them all.

This is why I am so grateful to have had such a loyal following over the years. We’ve tried to bring you a mix of content – product reviews, news from inside our industry, safety information and parenting tips. I’ve always wished I could find the time to post more frequently, but I guess 1000 posts is nothing to sneeze at.

So, in honor of this occasion, and to thank you for seeing us through our first 1000 posts, I’m going to give away a giant Melissa & Doug Giraffe this week.

To enter, comment here between now and 7/22 and share your favorite post on this blog AND your favorite blog(s) to read (aside from this one, of course). On 7/23 we’ll choose a winner at random. Thanks again for reading and good luck!



  1. I ove the posts about new strollers and new gear that coming out. I am stroller fanatic and love to hear about all the innovations. Other favorite blogs are baby gizmo and being pregnant… Happy 1000 post !!!

  2. We love the blogs on gear and safety (sun especially!) and the other blog we enjoy is!

  3. I can’t believe this blog is on it’s 1,000 post! I remember the opening of the first store in Brookline when my son was just a baby and keeping up with all the baby and toy news at the stores and the blog for all of those years (and other babies as well).

    Congrats on helping so many people and reaching such a milestone.

  4. Kristel VanBuskirk

    I especially liked your “Quid Pro Quo” post: . Definitely make a lot of good points there.

    Another blog I read off and on is “Attack of the Redneck Mommy” : . Tanis Miller is the author. She cracks me up, brings me to tears (of laughter and sentiment), and gives me a reality jolt when I stray too far.

  5. I like all of your health and safety posts, like the recent sun saftey and choosing a sunscreen posts. Other blogs I like to read include: Moopy & Me ( and Soule Mama (

  6. I love the stroller info you post– new innovations I know I can read about here. I especially enjoyed reading about the new Duet which I am so excited about! Other than this blog….. I regularly read the Baby Gizmo blog posts.

  7. My Favorite Post is:

    I LOVE Dr. Seuss!

    My Favorite blogs are:

    My personal review blog: ChunkyMonkeyBumz:
    (I am a Boston Local Blogger (: )


    Life of a Slightly Crunchy SAHM of Drama Queens:

  8. I really liked you post on sun safety and choosing the proper sunblock. I learned a lot. I also read Ohdeedoh blog. :)

  9. I like the article about guerilla potty training here :

    I’m reading up on everybody’s experiences with potty training because we’re starting soon and I want to learn about techniques, pitfalls, and what to expect.

  10. Our favorite post is the Pancakes For All Occasions ( We make these almost every weekend and sometimes even mid week (They’re that easy!). Oh, and for you calorie counters, the entire batch is only 1K calories. So spread across two adults with at least 4 put in the fridge for later, they’ll fit in pretty much any diet. Now, the extra butter and real maple syrup … well, that might not fit so well.

    We’ve also shifted to adding a teaspoon or so of good vanilla extract. Or, going a little lighter on the web and beating in an old (super ripe) banana.

    Thanks again – best pancakes ever!


  11. love the health and safety posts – enjoy reading “cheaper than therapy”

  12. I love all your new toy posts, it is a great way to read about great new toys that I would never have known about.
    I love to read healthy cooking blogs, it inspires me to make more recipes of my own.


  13. Loved your Mother’s Day post. I also enjoy reading Motherlode regularly on

  14. We love the things you sell, but we also love giraffes! And we love to read your blog and newsletter. The blog posts I liked are Patriotic Pops, Top Picks from Boston central, Hooray for Hamantaschen and 31 days of giveaways.

    We read several blogs, one is, another and a third is


  15. Adrienne Bireley

    I love the posts on new gear that is coming out. Whether it be strollers or carriers. It’s all great. Seems like everyone is reading baby gizmo. I also like the stuff on

  16. I love all of the “Top Picks” posts! Thanks to you and the June 15-20 post the kids and I took a free Boston Harbor Ferry ride out to Georges Island and had a great adventure!

    Two of my favorite blogs are SouleMama and Kath Eats Real Food They keep me inspired and motivated!

    Thanks for all of your sharing and congratulations on this fun milestone!

  17. I love the posts showing your products being used by real kids.

    I am a huge fan of Heavenly Homemaker’s blog. :) Love her sense of humor!

  18. Toy Fair posts are the best! I love seeing the newest toys that need to be added to our family wish list for birthdays and holidays. LoveLoveLove Magic Beans!

    Other blogs I read are not and

  19. I have to admit that I always love a good brownie recipe – and I found one on your blog!! so thank you! I love this blog post (among many others, but this one stands out):

    one of my favorite blogs is My Springfield Mommy and also Just A Little Creativity and Janey Mac. I love blogs – never enough time to read them! :)

  20. I love your product review posts, especially of new items that I haven’t seen yet. I read blogs about tech, kids, food, dieting, exercise, and deals. I go to http://WWW.BLOGHER.COM regularly to find new interesting blogs. Right now I’m into reading

  21. 1000 posts and giant giraffes, how did we get so lucky? I just love your blog and look forward to reading the 1001st post.

    My favorite Blog post would have to be “Just for Fun” – No Rain On Your Parade: 10 ways to have fun indoors. That particular post was a gem. Thanks for all the fun ideas.

  22. The blog about! I love all the stroller / safety info and sunblock! A lot I wouldn’t. Know without these blogs! I also enjoyed 10 ways to have fun inside .

  23. I really really love the blog “A Holy Experience” – thoughts on living simply. Its such a great reminder in between the “wants” and “I wish”es, that life really is about the ones we experience it with!

  24. The very informative blogs that keep me abreast of things going on in and around Boston as I moved out of Brookline a few years ago. The post about “ban on unfolded strollers on the MBTA” really got my blood pressure up, but thank goodness the new stuff blogs told my about the back/front carrier called a Boba so I bought 2 one for each twin. Now my husband, I and our toddler can still ride the T even if it does pass. Thank you MBeans.

  25. I LOVE the posts about safe habits, and pretty much anything that involves tips for staying healthy and safe. In particular I loved the post Drool Sponsor Spotlight: in praise of Britax. It made me feel comfortable that there are real people who work at that company. Keep on doing what you’re doing – reviewing products and keeping families safe!!

    Blogs I read are: (my own),, and


  26. I love all your posts but especially one from the fall on traveling with kids and also your boston local events posts. Aside from MB’s I love the Boston Mama’s blog.

  27. I just signed up yesterday, but I love all things baby and baby gear! I also love reading the Cotton Babies blog (cloth diaper store in St. Louis).

  28. I liked the Flexibath post :)

    My other favorite blogs are YoungHouseLove and ApartmentTherapy (especially OhDeeDoh)!

  29. As the mom of a soon-to-be two year old, I still remember the post on Zev’s second birthday a year ago ( A number of the parenting posts make me cry! I don’t follow any blogs, but read interesting posts when I see them on Facebook :)

  30. Thanks, everyone, for your amazing comments – we have all loved reading about your favorite post, and we also have a loooong list of new blogs to check out now. We have drawn our winner, and she has been notified. Congratulations!

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