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12 mos - 3 yrs

Tolo Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs

About the Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were fearsome creatures: towering, enormous lizards with huge teeth and claws, designed for biting, tearing, and stomping. The word “dinosaur,” coined in 1842 by paleontologist Sir Richard Owen, came from the Greek word “deinos,” meaning “terrible, potent, or fearfully great.” The ancient Chinese assumed that the dinosaur bones they found were dragons, and their name for the prehistoric lizards was “konglong,” meaning “terrible dragon.”


The Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs from Reeves International are quite the opposite of their scaly forebears: these clever little dinos wouldn’t dream of biting, or stomping, or even saying “Boo!” in a loud voice. Instead, their role is to entertain and teach. In this delightful educational baby toy, four little Pop Up Dinosaurs hide in four eggs, and when your baby presses or turns one of the four knobs, a dinosaur pops up, which is guaranteed to make your baby giggle!


Babies love to explore cause and effect, so they’ll be delighted to discover that pressing a button gets them a fun surprise. Use this fascination with the Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs baby toy to teach your child: show him how to press the buttons and turn the knobs, tell him the names of shapes and colors, introduce vocabulary like “press” and “twist,” and challenge him by giving him instructions like “can you make the yellow dinosaur pop up?” The buttons and knobs are in four different shapes, and are designed to be easy for small hands to operate, so babies won’t get too frustrated as they improves their manual dexterity, learn, and laugh. The Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs set is for ages 12 months and up.

Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs Specs

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