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Trending Top 10 for LEGO
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  • Lego Ninjago - The Green NRG Dragon

    Attack the sky pirates' lookout tower with Green Ninja Lloyd's fully posable Green NRG Dragon, featuring foldable printed textile wings with spike details and a split tail with 2 stud shooters.

  • LEGO Minecraft The Nether Fortress

    You’re running low on supplies that the Overworld just can’t offer… light the obsidian portal and step through to reach The Nether Fortress!

  • Lego Minecraft - The Iron Golem

    The sun is heading for the horizon and hostile mobs will soon be roaming the Minecraft™ landscape. You'll need to protect yourself and your baby pig!

  • Lego Minecraft - The Wither

    Use your Minecraft™ know-how to build a TNT cannon. Then don your iron armor and helmet, grab your bow and launch a surprise attack! Fire the powerful cannon and bring the fortress walls crashing down! Then muster all your strength, reload and fight to survive!



  • Lego Star Wars - Carbon-Freezing Chamber

    Han Solo has been taken to the Carbon-Freezing Chamber and is about to be frozen in a block of solid carbonite! Can he defeat Boba Fett and escape or will he be frozen for all eternity by the Ugnaught?

  • OYO NFL New England Patriots Pat Patriot Mascot Minifigure

    Cheer the New England Patriots to victory at game time! Create memorable moments with the New England Patriots mascot minifigure.

  • LEGO Minecraft The Farm
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    Nurture vital crops and supplies at The Farm!

  • Lego Minecraft - The Jungle Tree House

    Join forces with Alex and your tamed ocelot to defeat the intruders!

  • Lego Mighty Micros - Hulk vs Ultron

    Speed towards Ultron in Hulk’s super-cool green machine with big fists. Fix Ultron’s Mighty Micros vehicle with the wrench and make those tentacles move up and down. Then take a break with Hulk to eat a chicken drumstick!

  • Lego Star Wars - Encounter On Jakku

    Join Rey and her companion BB-8 as she trades scavenged parts at Unkar Plutt's market stall. But look out! Teedo on his Luggabeast is trying to kidnap BB-8!

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