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Trendykid bECOpotty

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bECOpotty - Natural
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About the bECOpotty

If you’re lucky, potty training is a brief phase in your child’s journey from baby to independent kid. When it’s over, it’s a happy time for both you and your child.


But there’s one party in this operation you’re forgetting: what about the potty? For a brief, shining period of a few weeks, the potty was the most important piece of garishly-colored plastic in the world, but now that potty-training is over, it has no resale value (for obvious reasons), and is destined to spend a thousand lonely years rotting in a landfill. Poor, poor potty.


A bECOpotty has a brighter future: after your child has moved on to the big-kid potty, the bECOpotty by TrendyKid LLC still has a job. The bECOpotty is made with fully biodegradable materials – bamboo, rice husks, and resin – so when potty training is over, you can bury this potty in your garden, where it breaks down and turns into dirt!


Of course, the bECOpotty is also designed to be a thoroughly effective and comfortable potty chair: a high back gives kids support, and a generously-sized splashguard keeps things tidy. Kids love it, you’ll love it, and when potty-training is over, everyone is happy… even the potty.

Features and Benefits:

Ergonomically designed to be comfortable and easy to use

High back offers extra support

Large splash guard keeps potty training hygienic

Made from bamboo and rice husks left over from farming

When finished, bury this potty in your garden and let it biodegrade


bECOpotty Specs

Manufacturer's Product Number:
Natural: TE001, Blue: TE002, Pink: TE003
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Boston, MA
  • First Time Parent
1.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

Too short




Too smallshort

I love the idea of this product and decided to take advantage of one less plastic item that cannot be donated/reused after it's no longer needed. The sales clerk warned me that it was considered small, but my son is short/small, so I gave it a try. Alas - it's too short. My son's knees are practically up to his chin and it is as though he is sitting on the floor (which is not comfortable). Even with shorter legs/longer torso, this is not a good fit. I will bury the potty in the garden - unused. If the manufacturer made a larger version - I would highly recommend.

No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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