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Newborn - 4 yrs

Valco Baby Valco Baby Snap 4WD Limited Edition Stroller

Valco Baby Snap 4WD Limited Edition Stroller
Valco Baby Snap 4WD Limited Edition Stroller - Available in one color
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About the Valco Baby Snap 4WD Limited Edition Stroller

In an essay on the personalities of cities, software wizard Paul Graham writes: “What I like about Boston (or rather Cambridge) is that the message there is: you should be smarter.” He goes on to say that “The people you find in Cambridge are not there by accident… the kind of people you find in Cambridge are the kind of people who want to live where the smartest people are, even if that means living in an expensive, grubby place with bad weather.”


It’s true that Boston, our hometown, is a smart city (although we take umbrage to the word “grubby”): this is a town with centuries of history, innumerable colleges, and an amazingly diverse and sophisticated cultural climate. But Graham is right about the unpredictable weather, and that’s where the smart, stylish, lightweight Valco Snap 4WD Stroller, our very first Magic Beans exclusive stroller, comes in.


The limited edition Valco Snap 4WD Stroller (which stands for 4 Wheel Drive) can go where other lightweight strollers fear to tread, adding tough air-filled tires to the chassis of the well-loved Valco Snap 4 Stroller - 8" tires in the front, 10" tires in the rear. The new tires make it possible to charge over broken sidewalk, glide over trolley tracks, and skim through slush and snow with barely a skid or a bump. The slender width (20.5”) will take the irritation out of taking your stroller on the subway. And the Snap 4WD weighs only 17.5 pounds, making it a great travel stroller – it will be just as handy on cobblestones in London or Paris as it is in Boston or New York.


Here are some more features of the Valco Snap 4WD Stroller:

  • Easy, compact fold: Push a button and squeeze the handlebar and the Valco Snap 4WD stroller collapses in half with a snap (thus the name!) with the seat fabrics folded inside to keep them tidy.
  • Generous canopy: The extendable stroller hood will protect your child from the elements, be it glaring sun or a drippy drizzle.
  • A great big seat: The 14” wide seat is roomy enough to accommodate bigger kids, so you’ll get years of use out of this lightweight stroller! The stroller basket is also nicely sized.
  • More features: The Valco Snap 4 Wheel Drive Stroller also has a flip-flop friendly brake, a removable bumper bar with a gate opening, simple installation for infant car seat adapters, and an adjustable 5-point harness that’s noted for being extra-easy for Mom to open, extra-tough for your toddler to open.


Once again, we’re incredibly proud to have this smart and elegant stroller as our very first Magic Beans exclusive! You can order your Valco Snap 4WD Stroller anywhere in the US and all over the world – but you’ll be getting it from Boston’s best toy and baby gear retailer. It’s the smart way to stroll.


Valco Baby Snap 4WD Limited Edition Stroller Specs

Valco Baby
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