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Valco Baby Valco Baby Zee

About the Valco Baby Zee

What can your stroller do for you? Well, the talented Valco Baby Zee stroller can give your kid a comfortable ride; it can handle a broad range of terrain while remaining easy to push; it can fold into a compact package that can wriggle into the teeniest car trunk; and it can adapt to carry up to three children. And those are just the abilities we know about. We haven’t tested to see if it can juggle flaming chainsaws yet.


This cunning lightweight stroller weighs in at a mere 17 pounds, but doesn’t sacrifice any functionality for size: it can be used from birth up to 44 pounds, with a nice roomy seat for bigger kids, and the unique Valco Baby “tubeless” rubber tires provide a smooth ride. Here’s the lowdown:


  • The Valco Baby Zee stroller has a one-handed strap recline, and reclines almost completely to accommodate a newborn. The “head stopper” provides a bit of security and support at the end; you can fold it down to accommodate a tall kid, too.
  • The never-flat “tubeless” tires (7” front and 9” rear) and rear suspension absorb bumps for a smooth ride. And this stroller is a delight to push: on smooth surfaces, it’s incredibly easy to push one-handed, no matter how much your child weighs. The front wheels also lock separately for rougher surfaces. This isn’t an all-terrain stroller – it’s a four-wheeler without full suspension – but as long as you’re not jogging, we doubt if there’s a surface you’ll encounter that the Valco Zee stroller can’t handle.
  • The “expanda-hood” canopy on the Valco Baby Zee Stroller has a second zippered pull-out layer that provides full coverage, protecting kids from sunburn and glare.
  • And oh, the fold! Picture the letter “Z” being pressed down from the top, and you’ve got an idea of what it looks like to fold your Valco Zee Stroller. The resulting folded stroller is amazingly flat, and if you take off the quick-release wheels, it’s even flatter. To unfold, just pop open the fold locks on either side and shake it out. It’s quite impressive to watch, really.
  • As your family grows, you can expand on the Valco Baby Zee Stroller’s seating. For newborns, add the Valco Husssh Bassinet or car seat adapters. When the next baby comes along, add a Valco Joey seat for your toddler (sold separately). And if kid number 3 comes into the picture? Put the biggest brother/sister on the Hitchhiker standing board (also sold separately). The gang’s all here!
  • And more: the easy-to-access basket is just big enough for your diaper bag; the five-point harness has a buckle that’s easy for you to work, and tough for your kid to undo; the one-step brake is flip-flop friendly; and the stroller handlebar is nice and tall, so while it’s not adjustable, all but the very tallest parents will find it comfortable to use.


The Valco Baby Zee Stroller stuffs a whole lot of features into a small and elegant package. And we think that’s just Zee-lightful.

Valco Baby Zee Specs

Valco Baby
Stroller Usage:
Travel / Car / Mall
Weight Class (lb.):
Light (16-20)
Exact Weight:
18 lb.
Seat Orientation:
Forward Facing
Seat Recline:
Stroller Max Weight Capacity:
45 lb.
Seat Recline Type:
Full Recline
Unfolded Dimensions:
21.5"W x 34"L x 40"H
Folded (Trunk) Dimensions:
21.5"W x 28.5"L x 16"H
Manufacturer's Product Number:
Jet: ZEE0281, Citrine: ZEE0304, Sapphire: ZEE2098, Blue Opal: ZEE0373

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