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Thanks for participating in the giveaways from Magic Beans!
Here are the answers to some of the questions we get most often during this promotion. If you still have questions, you can always email us at and we will be glad to answer you personally. Good luck!

Q. How do I enter the giveaways?
A. This year we are using Rafflecopter to collect the entries. We chose Rafflecopter because it is easy to use and it allows us to reward you with extra entries! Don’t you want extra entries? We thought so! To enter, simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter window. Your entry can be as simple as just providing us with your zip code, or you can get fancy and earn those aforementioned extra entries - you decide.

Q. Help, the Rafflecopter isn’t showing up on the giveaway page!
A. This happens very occasionally. Just refresh the page and it should appear.

Q. Can I enter the giveaways from my mobile phone?
A. Yes, Rafflecopter is mobile-friendly.


Q. It seems like Rafflecopter will let me enter for something I say I’ve done, even if I haven’t actually done it. Is it possible to game the system?

A. You could. But we will be verifying the winner before finalizing and announcing his/her name. So if (for example) you indicate that you’re on the Magic Beans mailing list, but we can’t find you, you’ll be disqualified and a new winner will be drawn. Same goes if you’ve said you’ve “liked” a brand’s page on Facebook, but really you haven’t. It only takes one legitimate entry to win (and it only takes one entry that can’t be verified to be disqualified). So if you’re going to enter, just enter for things you’ve really done.



Q. Why are many of the winners from the Boston area?
A. We get this question every year, (and we also get the next question too). As a homegrown, Boston-based brand, we have an especially strong social media and email following in the New England area. We are so lucky to have our Boston-based fans participate in huge numbers whenever we are doing anything fun, and that is exactly what happens during all of our giveaway promotions. The Boston/New England area simply participates at much higher rate than anywhere else in the U.S., but you can enter if you live anywhere is the U.S. and you’ll have just as likely a chance of winning as anyone else!

Q. Why are all the winners from outside the Boston area?
A. See above. We LOVE Boston (it’s our hometown!), but thanks to the incredible support from our customers in New England and beyond, we have grown into a national brand! Because Magic Beans Birthday Giveaways and other giveaway promotions are promoted to our email list and social media followers, a person in Sante Fe, NM has just as likely a chance to win as someone in Boston, MA.
The fact of the matter is, winners are selected absolutely randomly, with no favoritism, so sometimes chance favors locals, and sometimes it favors folks from farther afield. We promise, it’s not rigged!







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