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Magic Beans Awesome Stroller Buying Guide

For a child, anything can be a toy: a box, a stick, a ballpoint pen, Mom’s dangly necklace. But we can all reach back into our memory and recover at least one toy that was special, different, impossible to replace. The very best toy car, the one with the shiny chrome paint job and the lightning bolt painted on it. A favorite doll, whose thick-lashed eyes closed when you put her down for a nap – you never got tired of dressing and undressing her. The plush bear who you took everywhere until he was threadbare, and your parents bought you a new, identical one but it just wasn’t the same. The Han Solo action figure that you kind of had a crush on.


There’s no magic formula to determine which toys will earn a kid’s undying devotion, but that’s okay: a varied play diet full of toys suited to your child’s interests and developmental stage will provide plenty of learning and fun. And our selection covers all the bases with items we know kids love – because we know toys. read more 

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