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Newborn - 4 yrs

Bugaboo Bugaboo Cameleon - Sand Base

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Bugaboo Cameleon - Sand Base
Bugaboo Cameleon - Sand Base - Pink
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About the Bugaboo Cameleon - Sand Base

Please note: We are only able to ship Bugaboo products to addresses within the United States.


Strollers have personalities. Whether they are tough jocks built for cross country jogs or easy going and adaptable for a quick trip to the market, strollers have their particular strengths. Just like the Senior Superlatives we all remember from high school, it’s helpful to understand where each stroller scores the highest marks.


So, if the Bugaboo Cameleon were to give high school a spin, it would be voted “Most Popular”. It learned the ropes from its older cousin, the Frog, but brings some new and impressive features to the table. Like the Frog, the Cameleon is a hybrid stroller that boasts many different configurations, a reversible seat, and a car seat adapter. Even though they are similar, though, the Cameleon is more outgoing – literally. The handlebar can be adjusted so that tall parents are more comfortable and this feature is ideal for many couples. The Cameleon is also really personable with its customizable fabrics; from vibrant cotton covers to fuzzy fleece ones. It’s no wonder that parents love this new stroller. With the Cameleon you get the best of both worlds: the dependable design and versatility of the Frog and the option to personalize it until it’s perfect.


The Bugaboo Cameleon is a hybrid stroller with an adjustable handlebar and customizable fabrics. Like the Frog, the Cameleon is super versatile so its can be used in many different situations. Whether you want to use a bassinet or seat, you can reverse it so that your baby can face you or the world. You can also flip the handlebar so that you can lead with the two chunky 12" wheels, a great option for getting through snow or tough terrain. The seat also reclines so that your newborn can lie safely and comfortable (it’s also great for napping). The Cameleon folds compactly, just remember to remove the seat first. The main difference in the Cameleon is the option to customize the stroller’s fabrics and enjoy the adjustable handlebar. It’s a great option for parents who want it all.


You’ve heard the name buzzed about in your new mothers’ group. Your cousin kept mentioning it at a Christmas party last year. It’s everywhere. You’ve even seen the telltale logo popping up wherever you go; the park, the museum, and even the glossy pages of celebrity gossip magazines. Yep, Gwyneth and Madonna love this iconic stroller along with the rest of Tinsel town and they have good reason to. Welcome to the world of Bugaboo.


These sophisticated yet simple strollers are well built, super versatile, and handle like a dream. Bugaboo strollers also look awesome. Unlike those trends that blew through during middle school (the biker shorts and side ponytails now live in the Fashion Hall of Shame), the Bugaboo isn’t going anywhere. So don’t feel shy about jumping on the bandwagon – Bugaboos will let you and your baby zoom around town in safety and style.


The Bugaboo brand is a well trusted one since 1999. They were the leaders of the pack for the hybrid stroller design, one that is incredibly popular for parents today. With features like a reversible seat, bassinet, telescoping handlebar, and chunky rear wheels for great traction, hybrid strollers are ideal for city walking. Bugaboo is still a leader in this category for its sleek and durable designs. Created by an industrial engineer and a doctor, this line of strollers anticipates all the needs of modern parents and offers exceptional quality and impressive maneuverability that you will notice instantly. And now, with the Bugaboo Bee, parents have the option of a more lightweight stroller with all the fine design of the rest of the stroller line.


Bugaboo Cameleon - Sand Base Specs

Stroller Usage:
City Walking
Weight Class (lb.):
Light (16-20)
Exact Weight:
20 lb.
Infant Car Seat Adapter Available:
Seat Orientation:
Seat Recline:
Adjustable Handlebar:
Stroller Max Weight Capacity:
37.5 lb.
Stroller Tire Type:
Rubber w/ Foam Filling
Stroller Wheel Dimensions:
12" (rear), 8" (front)
Front Swivel Wheel:
Unfolded Dimensions:
24" W
Folded (Trunk) Dimensions:
37.6" x 23.6" x 12" (wheels attached)
Stroller Folding Style:
Additional/Advanced Suspension:
Manufacturer's Product Number:

Features and Benefits

Bugaboo Cameleon features a unique, modular design

3-in-1 design adapts to car seats, reversible bassinet and reversible seat

Reversible and height adjustable handlebar

One stroller fits all, great for caretakers of all heights

2-wheel position

Lets you adapt stroller for sand and snow

Adjustable swivel wheel suspension

Stroller is easily maneuverable

Large water-repellent sun canopy

Protects your child in varying weather conditions

Reversible seat

One simple click positions your child watching you or watching the world

3-position tilting seat

Adjusts to suit the mood of your infant or toddler

Modular fold

Collapses the stroller easily into two lightweight pieces to fit a trunk or closet

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Bugaboo Cameleon - Sand Base

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Bugaboo Cameleon - Sand Base
Los Angeles
  • Verified Reviewer
  • Parent of Two or More Children
4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

First class but has issues

1 out of 1 person found this review helpful

Durable, Sturdy, Comfortable, Easy To Steer


Heavy, Bulky

When I found out we were expecting a second child, I made my husband promise we'd buy a high end, high quality stroller because we went through so many with my now-6 yr old. I just wanted one perfect stroller to do everything, and it really seemed like the 2009 Bugaboo Cameleon was the right product for us. It has an adjustable recline seat that can face the parent or outward, it came with a handy sounding bassinet feature, the handle could be adjusted for different heights (my husband is 6ft 5, I'm 5ft 5) and the foam filled tires promised a smoother ride. The quality and construction really does blow almost all other strollers on the market out of the water.


Well, the stroller is perfect for pushing the baby around in - it handles like nothing else I've seen. It's completely effortless and the brakes don't budge a millimeter. But there are quite a few BUTS about this stroller that make me wish I'd chosen something else, and they're all concerning the other things, aside from how the stroller performs when you're actually pushing it. The bassinet has to be fastened onto the stroller seat frame, so there's some work involved there. Just putting the thing together was kinda tough and required DVD instructions. Anyway, my son had reflux and hated the bassinet so it didn't last long. Changing the tailored fabrics is so difficult that I've never bothered with the extra set I got.


The biggest issues hands down are the fact that you have to separate the actually seat and stroller frame to fold it down which means the stroller (which is already big and bulky to start with) takes up a ton of space in the trunk. We used to have an SUV and it was an issue even then. Now that we have a Prius, it's even more so.


Also, once you've dismantled the frame, it's complicated to fold up - you have to press and push in 2 white buttons on the sides, then lift and flip the frame to get it to fold. Since you already removed the seat, you either have to take it out of the trunk to stow the frame, or pick it up off the filthy ground in the parking lot. Nice. Way, way too complicated. On top of that, it's the same process in reverse to set it up. I've actually wrestled with the frame in the parking lot while wishing I'd bought a simpler, cheaper stroller.


So while the Cameleon provides a flawless ride, the set up and fold down and sheer size of the stroller are definitely drawbacks to consider carefully before you make a purchase. Lovely stroller, shame about the poor design.

No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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