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Clek Clek Olli Limited Edition Leather Booster

Clek Olli Limited Edition Leather Booster
Clek Olli Limited Edition Leather Booster - Cooper
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About the Clek Olli Limited Edition Leather Booster

According to, “Researchers who work with memory have learned that the five senses can play a very significant role in the process of making, storing, and retrieving memories. Smell in particular is very evocative… so people tend to create strong links between smells and particular memories.”


So it makes sense that if you think about your childhood baseball glove, or the shoes you wore for special occasions, or Grandpa’s favorite chair, that the smell and feel of leather jumps immediately to mind. Leather is a fabric that sticks with you, evoking both age and comfort: it’s made to last.


The 2012 Clek Olli Booster Seat in Leather boosts the quality of a seat that’s already known for both style and comfort. The Olli Booster safely bridges the years in between a child seat and adult seating in a car by positioning the seat belt properly on your child’s body, and because it’s so cool-looking, kids love sitting in it. And they’ll feel extra-special in a seat that looks this grown-up and sophisticated.


The 2012 model of the Clek Olli Booster Seat has only minor changes, with redesigned armrests and a new dishwasher-safe cup holder that will make it even more alluring to little passengers. The rest of the features remain the same:


  • Safety: The Clek Olli Booster Seat is designed for kids who are 40-57 inches tall, and weigh 40-120 pounds. It lifts them four inches, so that the seat belt is properly positioned on their hips. The LATCH anchorage system on the Olli Booster Seat is quick and easy to use, firmly locking the seat in place for additional stability in a collision. You’ll know that your Clek Olli Booster is correctly installed because it makes a nice reassuring click! Plus, the Clek Olli Booster stays put whether it’s occupied or not.
  • Comfort: Because leather is a natural fabric, it “breathes” well, keeping kids from getting sweaty in the summer. Luxurious padding inside the booster seat also ensures that the Clek Olli Booster Seat is comfortable for your child, even on long car trips. No “numb bum” here! The high armrests are also designed for comfort.
  • Style: The Clek Olli Booster Seat is designed for kid appeal, with a simple and streamlined look that doesn’t scream “this is for little kids!” The Leather Olli Booster also has the same grown-up appeal as any fine leather furniture: it’s elegant, it blends in well with the look of your car, and it develops that special leather patina that we love. Plus, it’s tough, resisting tearing, fading, punctures, and stains.


In time, when your child’s baseball glove is too small and he’s old enough to pick out his own Sunday shoes, he won’t need a booster anymore. But until then, he has plenty of learning and growing to do, and he’ll be safe riding in his Clek Olli Leather Booster.


Seat Dimensions:
    Height of the Rear of the Seat: 4 in.
    Height of the Front of the Seat: 5 in.
    Depth of the Seat: 13.25 in.
    Width of the Seat: 12.75 in.
    Weight: 5 lb

Package Dimensions: 18 in. x 16.375 in. x 10.25 in.

Clek Olli Limited Edition Leather Booster Specs

Max Weight Capacity:
120 lb.
Min. Weight Required:
40 lb.
Max Height Capacity (in.):
5-Point Harness:

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