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Newborn - 6 yrs

Cloud B Cloud B - Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soothing Sound Machine

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Cloud B - Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soothing Sound Machine
Cloud B - Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soothing Sound Machine - White
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About the Cloud B - Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soothing Sound Machine

Nighttime can be tough for babies. After a day of being held, cuddled, and kissed, the feeling of being alone can be scary and unsettling. Meet the Sleep Sheep. This soft and fluffy sheep is a crib side audio pacifier that soothes even the fussiest babies into a nice, deep sleep. This award-winning plush sheep has a removable sounds box tucked safely inside and plays three gentle sounds from nature and the reassuring sounds of a mother’s heartbeat.

Now, they even offer a Sleep Sheep On-The-Go for when you are away from home. This cute travel companion has four soothing sounds to help your child sleep easier, wherever you are.



Measures 8" tall

Two AA-batteries included

Features and Benefits:

Sleep Sheep On the Go by Cloud B
Four nature sounds, including new "Gentle Stream" audio
Simple push-button sound selection with volume control
Two sleep timer options: 23 and 45 minutes
Velcro strap for easy attachment to car seats and strollers

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Cloud B - Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soothing Sound Machine

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Cloud B - Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Soothing Sound Machine
New Hampshire
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5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

a sure thing

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Cute, Good Value, Durable

This little sleep sheep has provided a whole lot of comfort for both my baby and myself and my husband. Based on the principles from "The Happiest Baby on the Block" that newborns and babies feel more comforted from white noise that mimics sounds of being in the womb, we started our son with the sleep sheep very early on. First in his bassinet and then in his crib for nighttime, it has provided a wonderful ritual for going to sleep. It not only provides a buffer to startling noise that might wake a baby up while going to sleep, it provides a nice transition to make a baby feel more comforted going to sleep alone in a big crib. I also like it because it plays sounds from the natural world ie, the ocean, the rain etc. The sleep sheep on the go has also been sooo handy for traveling and can hook on the side of any car seat or crib with a velcro tag. The controls offer 4 different noises to choose from and they are set to play for 45 minutes so you don't have to worry about turning it off or running out of batteries all the time. Sometimes if our son stirs in the night and wakes, we go in and turn on sleep sheep and again and he goes right back to sleep. It is wonderful, a great tool for making babies adjustment to the world more comfortable! : ))

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