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Epoch Everlasting Play Kidoozie - Press n' Go Inchworm

About the Kidoozie - Press n' Go Inchworm

No doubt you’ve seen inchworms, and are familiar with their funny looping gait: the caterpillar stretches out straight, and then the back side moves forward, pushing the middle of the body up. The jerkiness of their motion is eye-catching and really sort of charming.


The Press ‘N Go Inchworm from International Playthings borrows a bit of the real inchworm’s charm. Press down on the center of the Inchworm’s back, and it zooms forward! Babies will be surprised and delighted to see how fast and far it goes, so introduce the Press ‘N Go Inchworm when your baby is just starting to crawl, and watch him happily chase it (great for developing gross motor skills!). As he gets older, he’ll discover that he can get the Inchworm rolling on his own.


Reviewers tell us that half the fun of the International Playthings Press ‘N Go Inchworm is playing together: older siblings will enjoy launching it for younger siblings to chase. And moms and dads love the fact that when their back is tired, they don’t even have to bend over to get the Inchworm rolling – just press on it with a stocking foot! No batteries required; suitable for ages 9 months and up.


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Epoch Everlasting Play
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Kidoozie - Press n' Go Inchworm

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Kidoozie - Press n' Go Inchworm
Brookline, MA
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4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars

simple fun

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works on carpet, easy to push

This is a great little "toy that goes." My 12 month old loves to chase around the cars that you pull back and then let go, but he hasn't figured out how to make them go by himself. That is fine, actually, but he likes being able to use this toy on his own, and it's fun to see how proud he is when he sends the caterpillar flying across his (carpeted) bedroom.


I gave it 4 stars because it's not one of his go-to toys, or one those gems that really holds his attention. It's fun, just not a favorite.


This would make a great gift for children who are just learning to crawl or walk.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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