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Kazam KaZAM Balance Bike

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About the KaZAM Balance Bike

Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? We’re betting that you can. You can probably also paddle with your arms and kick with your legs in the water, type with both hands without looking at the keyboard, and steer, operate a brake and gas pedal, and keep an eagle eye on the road while carefully monitoring the toddler in your back seat.


You probably don’t even think about these complicated motor tasks while you’re doing them, but it sounds tough when you break it down, doesn’t it? Think about how it feels to be a kid learning how to ride a bike: he has to learn to steer, pedal, and, hardest of all, balance – three complex motor skills at once! A good balance bike can help, and the Kazam Balance Bike is one of our favorites.


How does the Kazam Balance Bike stand out from the competition? The bright colors and modern styling will certainly attract your child’s attention, as will the fact that the handlebars and wheels look very much like they would on a big kid bike. However, unlike a regular bike for kids, the Kazam Balance Bike has a wide step-through to make it easy to get on, and unlike most balance bikes, the Kazam has a footrest platform right at the level where the pedals would be, teaching kids intuitively where to put their feet!


The result is a balance bike that kids learn how to use fast; most reviewers say that their kids learn to glide with their feet up within weeks, sometimes days or even hours. As they practice balancing on a bike, they also practice proper steering – unlike a bike with training wheels, the Kazam balance bike steers just like a real bicycle, and is less likely to tip if your child turns suddenly. And because your child is picking up the tougher skills involved in riding a bike first, adding pedals to the equation with their first big-kid bike hardly slows them down.


The Kazam Balance Bike’s features include;

  • Seat: 14” – 17.5” high, with a molded seat and quick-release height adjustment;
  • Handlebars: Adjustable height, with soft padded grips; handbrakes aren’t necessary at this stage, since kids will naturally use their feet to slow down and stop.
  • Tires: 12” air-filled rubber tires with a nice tread for traction; steel spokes.


There are no pedals, chains, or brakes, and the simple design also makes the Kazam Balance Bike easy to maintain, so your child can pass it on to a younger sibling when he’s riding with the big kids! The Kazam Balance Bike is recommended for ages 3-6, and supports up to 65 pounds.



WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

KaZAM Balance Bike Specs

2 years

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Videos for KaZAM Balance Bike

KaZAM Bikes

Do you have a three to six year old who is not riding a bike yet? With the KaZAM balance bike your little one will never have to use training wheels. Watch our video demonstration, and you'll understand why both toy experts and parents agree that KaZAM is the best balance bike and easiest way to teach kids to ride a bike.


Skip the training wheels and teach kids to balance first using the award-winning KaZAM balance bike! KaZAM is the only balance bike on the market uniquely designed with a foot rest. Children lift their feet up naturally and position them on to the foot rest maintaining proper balance and center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle. It is the most realistic approach to learning coordination and balance; and ultimately teaching kids how to ride a pedaled bike.

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