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Loog Loog Guitar

Loog Guitar
Loog Guitar - Loog II
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About the Loog Guitar

In theory, playing guitar is easy. Country songwriter Harlan Howard famously said that “All you need to write a song is three chords and the truth,” and hundreds of famous songwriters have followed his advice. The Ramones famously built their reputation around songs with only three chords, and “Kick Out the Jams” by the MC5 only has two. But pick up an actual guitar, and you realize that it’s a bit more challenging: just look at all those strings!


It really can be easy to learn, though, if you soften the learning curve just a little bit. The Loog Guitar for children simplifies the guitar just enough to give children the confidence to learn, with only three strings. It also arrives at your door unassembled, inviting kids and parents to really make each guitar their own. Creator Rafael Atijas says that when you build your own guitar, “You develop a deep connection with it – a sense of ownership.”


Assembling the Loog kids guitar should take about 15 minutes (it’s true, we’ve seen videos!), and it’s a wonderful project to take on with your child. The instructions help you tune the guitar to the recommended Open A tuning (A-E-A) or standard A-D-G tuning, which allow kids to play simple songs immediately, by placing one finger across all three strings and strumming. Even before they learn any songs, kids are thrilled to have their own guitar: upon picking up his Loog Guitar for the first time, Wired Magazine reviewer Chuck Lawton’s five-year-old son immediately declared, “I can play guitar just like you can, Daddy!”


The Loog Guitar is made with sustainable wood, and has nylon strings that have a satisfying tone but are gentle to small fingers (real guitar strings can be a bit ouchy). As they learn to play this beginner guitar, kids learn the basics of how songs and chords are formed, so that when they’re old enough, they can easily make the leap to a real guitar, and perhaps, eventually, a real band. We hope you’ve got plenty of space in your garage. Recommended for ages 6 and up – the 21” long neck is recommended for kids ages 6-9.


Accessories available include the Loog Cardboard Guitar Stand and the Loog Guitar Pick Guard Set.


Loog Guitar Specs

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