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Best Feeding Products of 2016

Best Feeding Products of 2016 | Boon | Oxo Tot | Num Num | EzPz | Lollacup | Evenflo | WOW Cup

In this video, you can learn all about some of the best feeding products for babies and toddlers at! These stylish modern products are designed to help kids learn how to feed themselves while minimizing the mess.


The best feeding products of 2016 include:


- Boon Serve spoons: Made with super-soft silicone without any nasty chemicals, these spoons have a shallow bowl to make it easier for babies to eat.


- OXO Tot spoons: Comes with a handy travel case that makes it easy to take a baby spoon everywhere you go, and keeps the mess out of your diaper bag if you don’t have anywhere to wash the spoon off right away!


- Num Num Baby Food Dips: These dipper spoons provide a great intro to self-feeding – kids can dip them into purees and other gooey foods without having to learn to scoop properly. Also great for teething!


- Boon Pulp: Stick any mushy food in there and babies can chew and teethe on it while trying out new flavors. Easy to clean, too.


- EZPZ Happy Mat: This terrific product merges a bowl/plate with a placemat, protecting your table and making it impossible for kids to knock over or fling their bowl, since it suctions tightly to your table. When dinner is over, just pop it in the dishwasher!


- Boon Snug Spout: Turns any plastic cup into a sippy cup!


- Lollacup Straw Cup: Super adorable, and comes with a weighted straw so kids who haven’t mastered tipping cups to get the liquid out can get at every last drop.


- Evenflo Tilty Cup: Also designed to help kids who haven’t mastered tilting a cup to get at their drinks without spilling.


- WOW Cup: A totally spillproof cup that lets kids practice regular drinking.


These are only a few of the great feeding products that you’ll find at and at our six stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Not sure which products are right for you? As you’ve seen in this video, we LOVE the products we sell and we love matching families with the products they need, so don’t hesitate to ask! Email us at and we’ll be happy to help.


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