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Medela Medela Calma 5oz. Bottle

About the Medela Calma 5oz. Bottle

Feeding your baby is a huge part of creating and maintaining your nurturing relationship, whether you go with the breast, the bottle, or both. It can be tough to give up the intimacy of exclusive breastfeeding when you need to go back to work and temporarily hand off your baby to another capable and loving caregiver, but with the Medela Calma Bottle, you can ease the transition for your baby.


The Calma bottle is designed exclusively for pumped breast milk, and enables your baby to maintain the natural feeding behavior she learns on the breast, so that she can go right back to the breast when you get home. Like your breast, the Medela Calma Bottle only releases milk when baby’s mouth forms a vacuum, so baby has to put more work into getting milk out. The result is a baby bottle that lets baby suck, swallow, and breathe the same way as they do at the breast.


Because the Medela Calma Bottle only releases milk when a vacuum is formed, it doesn’t drip if it’s turned upside-down, and it’s easy to clean when you’re done feeding, too. The vented nipple helps to reduce gassiness, and the Medela Calma bottle is BPA-free for your baby’s safety. Finally, because the flow of the Medela Calma nipple is controlled by your baby, you don’t need to get bottles and nipples in multiple sizes as your baby develops – just get one set of Medela Calma bottles and one Medela breast pump (they’re all compatible) and you’re ready for easy feeding!


The Calma supports an easy transition from the breast to the teat and back. One size nipple is sufficient for the entire breastfeeding period, just as in nature. While the Calma is a unique feeding solution for your baby - Medela recommends introducing a teat when breastfeeding is established. Need an extra nipple? Simply pick up the Medela Calma Single Replacement Nipple.

Medela Calma 5oz. Bottle Specs

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Videos for Medela Calma 5oz. Bottle

Click to watch a short video demonstrating the innovative design of the Medela Calma Bottle. This bottle is intended to very closely mimic breastfeeding to allow the baby to switch back and forth between mother and bottle.

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