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MindWare MindWare Keva Contraptions 200 Maple Plank Set

About the MindWare Keva Contraptions 200 Maple Plank Set

Record-setting stacking is a competitive business: the Guinness World Records page lists hundreds of folks competing to reach the highest of heights. The tallest stack of dominoes was built by Alexander Bendikov, with 1,036d dominoes towering over a single piece; the tallest stack of donuts was built by employees of 20th Century Fox to celebrate the premiere of the Simpsons movie. Most hotly contested is the record for the tallest stack of pancakes, which has switched hands yearly and is currently held by a team of Belgian chefs.


We don’t know of any Keva Planks stacking records just yet, but considering that these precision-cut planks are perfectly identical to each other and thus balance beautifully, there’s no telling how high your kids can build! The Mindware Keva Contraptions Maple 200 Plank building set features the loveliest and most durable Keva Planks yet, crafted with gorgeous maple for a new and artistic look.


The Maple 200 Keva Planks Contraptions Set comes with a full-color idea booklet with build-out instructions for all sorts of buildings, monuments, geometric forms, towers, bridges, sculptures, houses, and more. Plus, it includes instructions and two KEVA balls to use with Keva Contraptions that include tunnels, funnels, shafts, chutes, and slides! This set has enough Mindware Keva Planks for one or two kids to enjoy, and parents report that they enjoy getting in on the fun as well (who could resist?).


Mindware Keva Planks are a toy with extended play value across a broad age range, and kids of different ages can develop different skills while playing with this building set: the littlest builders will be refining their fine motor skills, sense of balance, and creativity, while older kids will begin to catch onto concepts relating to architecture and engineering. Kids of all ages will enjoy how completely open-ended this toy is – there are no rules, just endless creative possibilities! The Mindware Keva Contraptions Maple 200 Plank Set is proudly made in the USA.

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