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Num Num NumNum Baby Food Dips Utensils- 2-Pack

NumNum Baby Food Dips Utensils- 2-Pack
NumNum Baby Food Dips Utensils- 2-Pack - Available in one color
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About the NumNum Baby Food Dips Utensils- 2-Pack

We’ve grown to accept that messy eating is an inevitable part of babyhood, but that doesn’t mean that some damage control isn’t in order. Plus, there’s nothing a small child likes better than feeling independent (and some babies will insist on feeding themselves whether they’re actually capable or not*).


With the NumNum Dips baby spoon set, you can cut down on the mess and delight your independent child at the same time! These innovative baby spoons aren’t spoons, exactly; instead of catching food in a rounded bowl, they capture food in a channeled cutout, so that no matter which side of the spoon emerges from the food, it will still have food in it. So if your baby has the motor skills to get any object into her mouth, she can handle this. It really works: there are tons of videos!


The NumNum Dips 2-Pack comes with two NumNum Dips utensils with two different heads: the channeled head for thicker foods, and the dimpled head for thinner foods. They’re great for basic purees and porridges, applesauce or yogurt – anything with a bit of gooeyness to it. The texture of the NumNums Dip heads also makes them great for soothing sore gums, so you may find that your child keeps gnawing on her NumNums after she’s done with dinner. And that’s fine, since they’re made with safe plastic, with no PVC or BPA. Suitable for use by babies from age 6 months and up.



* This writer’s mom has never tired of telling her that she was a very insistent and stubborn self-feeder as a baby.

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Videos for NumNum Baby Food Dips Utensils- 2-Pack

NumNum - Carson

This is Carson using his NumNum to enjoy some yogurt. No balancing act here. Just dip, eat, repeat. Mmmmmm! Welcome to the NumNum Revolution, Carson!

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