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Newborn - 6 mos

Swaddle Designs Swaddle Designs Organic Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle Designs Organic Swaddle Blanket
Swaddle Designs Organic Swaddle Blanket - Bright Pink Trim
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About the Swaddle Designs Organic Swaddle Blanket

Putting a baby to bed can feel like an Olympic sport sometimes. It takes determination, physical and mental fortitude, and of course, careful training (thanks, Mom). And you are becoming a real pro. After cuddling and cooing and rocking your baby, she’s finally dozed off. Tiptoeing out of the room, you can’t help but do a little victory dance in your head. But ten minutes later, as you pull those piping hot lasagna leftovers out of the microwave, your sleeping beauty is no longer sleeping. She has jolted herself awake and is wailing inconsolably. Now, all you feel is dread and exhaustion as you try to muscle up and get back in the game. It’s gonna be a long night.


By swaddling your baby with a Swaddle Designs Blanket, you can be rest assured that your child is sleeping better and more safely. Proper swaddling reduces the risk of SIDS, calms colicky babies, and allows babies to sleep for longer as it keeps them from jolting themselves awake.


The Swaddle Designs Organic Swaddle Blanket is an all-around great accessory for all parents and caretakers. For starters, there is a clever instruction tag on each blanket that serves as a great reminder for parents, grandparents, and babysitters who want to make sure they have it right. This beautifully-made blanket is large enough to perfectly swaddle your baby, every time.

We also love that it is made right here in the USA, out of soft, pre-shrunk 100% organic cotton that is free of pesticides, harsh chemicals, and harmful dyes. They grow the cotton on family farms from natural, untreated GMO-free seeds. This process is not only earth-friendly, but ensures your baby is getting only the finest, most healthy fabrics against her skin.


Oh, and the patterns are really cute. That part doesn’t hurt either.


Features and Benefits:

Award winning design – Much loved by pediatricians and parents

Stylish and functional

Features the exclusive 123 Swaddle Tip Tag - Instructions are sewn into the blanket

Very compact design - Fits easily in a diaper bag or purse

Versatile – Can also be used as a privacy blanket, cuddly surface for tummy time

Long lasting – Gets softer with time, kids love to use them as security blankets

Made in the USA from organic, chemical-free, pre-shrunk cotton


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