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Newborn - 5 yrs

Recaro Recaro ProRIDE

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About the Recaro ProRIDE

Before you were a parent, being protective meant putting the best case on your cell phone, counseling your friends about unworthy boyfriends, and perhaps being a little resentful if someone creased the pages of a book you lent them. Now, you would fight off a grizzly if that was what it would take to keep your baby safe. Fortunately, there are very few large carnivores in your neighborhood, so a very good car seat should be adequate.


Recaro is an internationally celebrated manufacturer of automotive seating, including race car seats, so they know what it takes to make a car seat that's safe and comfortable. The Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat is a crafty piece of engineering that's designed for ultimate baby security and parental peace of mind.


The ProRIDE convertible car seat can accommodate kids from birth up through the booster years: 5-35 pounds rear-facing, 20-70 pounds forward-facing. Reviewers report that installation is a breeze (the instructions require a towel or pool noodle to keep the Rear Facing position level), and adjusting the harness and head restraint precisely is no problem with the QuickPull Front Adjust Harness and the EasyAdjust system, which ensure that no re-threading is necessary. The head restraint can be adjusted with the turn of a knob, and it's padded with automotive PUR foam for safety and comfort.


Side Impact Protection (SIP) is where the ProRIDE really shines: it's designed to protect five distinct zones of a child's body (head, neck, face, torso, and pelvis) in the event of an accident. EPS foam is distributed throughout the seat to absorb crash energy. Putting your child in a seat that's this well-padded is like covering them in bubble wrap, except instead of giving you funny looks, everyone asks you where you got such a cool-looking car seat. And it does look very, very good: the ProRIDE is a big, luxurious-looking seat that blends in well with your car's design, and it comes in five color combinations.


Reviewers praise the ProRIDE Car Seat's comfort, too: kids enjoy being boosted up high so they can see out the window, and they doze off easily in this snuggly baby throne. The CoolMesh Air Ventilation insert promotes airflow through the seat, which means that despite the plushy feel of the seat, it's well ventilated for hotter days. The ProRIDE has the best fit after your baby is a few months old, but for smaller babies, to tighten up the fit, a newborn insert is available, or you can purchase a JJ Cole Body Support or a Snuzzler, to ensure that the harness fits correctly.


With the Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat, your child will be riding high in perfect comfort and safety. And when your protective instincts are satisfied, you can concentrate on other things – like how your baby is so cute that you don't really mind when she rumples the pages of your books.

Recaro ProRIDE Specs

Max Weight Capacity:
70 lb.
Min. Weight Required:
5 lb.
Max Height Capacity (in.):
5-Point Harness:
29.8" x 20.6" x 24.2"
Weight (when empty):
20.5 lb.
Manufacturer's Product Number:
Blue Opal: 332-01-AK21, Midnight: 332-01-MC11, Misty: 332-01-QQ95, Hanna: 332-01-KAEC, Envy: 332-01-KAEG

Features and Benefits

Accommodates 5-35 pounds rear-facing, 20-70 pounds forward-facing

The Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat has a long life in both forward and rear-facing positions.

QuickPull Front Adjust Harness and EasyAdjust system

These Recaro systems make it easy to adjust the harness and head restraint precisely; no re-threading required.

Side Impact Protection (SIP)

This model has exceptionally good SIP: it protects five distinct zones of a child's body (head, neck, face, torso, and pelvis).

CoolMesh Air Ventilation insert

Promotes airflow through the seat, to keep kids cool on hot days.

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