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Magic Beans Virtual Warehouse Rules

To purchase during the sale, register now at (this will ensure we can email your invoice if you claim an item during the sale -- if you are worried your registration didn't go through, you can PM us your email address if you purchase something).


We'll be broadcasting in three segments starting at 11:00am EDT, and going category by category.
11am: Strollers (both singles and doubles)
12pm: Car seats
1pm: Other gear (furniture, bouncers, carriers, high chairs, accessories, etc.)


We will begin a new broadcast for each segment, and we will not start any segment earlier than the posted time. It is very possible that we will run behind, though, and segments may start later than expected. This is a brand new format for us, so please help us out with an extra dose of patience and good humor.


We will update this post throughout the morning to keep you posted about our best estimate for accurate segment start times.


Eli will be showing items one at a time. He will give the name of the item and talk about any cosmetic issues or other considerations. Then, he will give the starting price for the item. He will take a minute to answer one or two questions about the item (our team will also be answering questions by responding to comments). Then, he will show the item number, and the item will be officially up for sale.
If the item doesn't sell at the starting price, we may drop the price. We will let you know if it's your last chance to claim an item before we move on to the next one.
(We will go over how to claim items in detail below.)
Once you've successfully claimed an item, our team will send you an invoice.
Items in boxes can be shipped for $19.99, but all other items need to be picked up from one of our stores or our warehouse.


Everything is final sale. Once you've claimed an item, it's yours.
If you want to purchase something, you claim it by commenting on the video.
Post a comment that says "Sold. ### (Item number). $$$ (price)."
We expect that in some cases, more than one person will claim an item. If that happens, the item will go to the first comment that appears in our feed.
***Please note*** your comments will always appear faster in your own feed than in ours, so the sequence of comments on your screen will look different than the sequence on ours. Even if it looks to you like your comment is first, it may not be. We will confirm the name of the customer who has officially claimed the item.
Once you receive your invoice, you will have 24 hours to pay and 1 week to pick up your purchase. Items left for more than a week without any communication will be donated and no refunds will be given. By claiming an item, you are accepting these terms and conditions.


We are trying something new today, and our team has worked really hard to make this a successful sale. For us, success always means giving our customers a great experience. With that said, we recognize that it may be frustrating if you want something and someone else claims it first. Please remember there are real people with real feelings on the other side of your screen. Be kind to each other, today and every day. If you're unhappy about something, please contact us privately via Facebook Messenger or email so that we can try to help you resolve your issue.


Help! I tried to claim an item but someone else got it instead and I'm pretty sure something went wrong?
Keep in mind that the sequence of comments on your screen will look different than it does on our screen. This is because your comment posts instantly to your feed, but there's a slight delay before we see it. We will be taking screenshots of the claim order for each item and are happy to verify with you. If you think we have made a mistake, please send us a message via email or Facebook Messenger. This way we will make sure we see your issue and it doesn't get lost in the sea of comments on the live video.


What happens if I claim something and then change my mind?
Please don't claim an item if you aren't sure you want it. Backpedaling will create huge headaches for our wonderful team and you're also taking away someone else's chance to score a great deal. If you claim something, that means you're fully committed to finishing the purchase.


What happens if someone claims but doesn't pay their invoice within 24 hours?
We will be super bummed.


Will unpaid items go back up for sale?
If this happens (and we really hope it doesn't), we will contact the other people who wanted to claim that item in the order their comments came in.


Can I negotiate the price?
No. This isn't a practical format for realtime negotiation. We will set a starting price, and if no one claims at that price, we may drop the price until someone takes the item. Please do not try to make an offer for a lower price in the comments - those will not be entertained. If something goes unclaimed, you can feel free to send us your best offer (send this via Facebook messenger or email, not in the comments on the video). We can't promise we'll take it, but we'll definitely consider it.


Why isn't the discount better?
Keep in mind that baby gear generally carries a very low profit margin, and on top of that, these items are big and expensive to ship. Our landed cost for most of these items would probably surprise you. We aren't out to make much profit today, and each item will be priced based on a wide variety of factors.