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Anomia Game in ALL COLORS
at magic beans

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About the Anomia Game

Play the game Anomia by Anomia Press with your family and let the hilarity ensue. If you've ever heard the phrase "fountain of useless knowledge", Anomia is targeting exactly that phenomenon. Our brains are always full of random bits of information, from pop culture to car  models. While these facts are rather commonplace, this game tests your ability to think under pressure. And that is easier said than done.


To play, and the directions are pretty simple, a player draws a card from the center pile and flips it over. If the symbol on the card matches one on another player's card, you must quickly battle the other player by giving an example of a person, place, or thing on their card before they can do the same for yours. If you say (or yell, as the case may be) a correct answer first, you win the card and continue drawing. As always, there's a pesky wild card included in this game. If you have unlike symbols, a wild card allows them to match. So always be on your toes. There are even chances for multiple face-offs to occur. This game is easy to learn, and hilarious to play. Anomia makes a great ice breaker at family reunions or a fabulous party game.


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