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Blue Orange Spot It! in ALL COLORS
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About the Blue Orange Spot It!

Everybody is familiar with the saying, “good things come in small packages.” Spot It! by Blue Orange Games is a fine example: this is a big game in a little box. Spot It! is an engaging party game designed for two to eight players. Play with your 5 year old, play with your 16 year old, or bring it to your next adult party: everyone's going to have a good time!


To start a game of Spot It!, lay out a random assortment of cards on the table. To play, be the first to identify matching symbols on a pair of cards and to call it out. Each card is has 8 symbols, and the two matching symbols may be different sizes. There is always only one matching symbol between any two cards in each round. The game is designed to never be the same twice, so you must keep a keen sense of awareness and a sharp eye on the cards in order to be the Spot It! master. Because no reading is required, you may find that your child is better at this game than you are!


With 55 high-quality, colorful cards on glossy card stock, and packaged in its own carry tin, Spot It! by Blue Orange can travel with you by plane, train, or automobile. This game is packed with excitement and fun, and helps to develop visual perception and matching skills while supporting quick mental processing.