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Boon Naked Bath Tub in ALL COLORS
at magic beans

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About the Boon Naked Bath Tub (available in 2 colors)

In a 1917 essay, H.L. Mencken described the first-ever American bathtub, made with mahogany, sealed with sheet lead, and weighing 1,750 pounds. The emergence of the bathtub created a scandal:


“On the one hand it was denounced as an epicurean and obnoxious toy from England, designed to corrupt the democratic simplicity of the Republic, and on the other hand it was attacked by the medical faculty as dangerous to health and a certain inviter of “phthisic, rheumatic fevers, inflammation of the lungs and the whole category of zymotic diseases.””*


Of course, in modern times, we understand that cleanliness is important for good health, but we have far simpler and more practical ways to go about it. The Boon Naked Tub is a baby bathtub that weighs less than 10 pounds, and it’s sturdy, comfortable, and safe for babies from birth through 18 months.


The Boon Naked baby bathtub has a unique collapsible design that creates several support positions, making it useful throughout the stages of babyhood and toddlerhood. To bathe newborns, you can tilt one side of the tub down, securing the top end with the rotating support brace, so your baby is cradled nicely with proper head support and your hands are free to bathe her (which is important, because wet babies are slippery!). When your child is old enough to sit up, you can expand the Naked Tub fully so that the bottom is flat. And best of all, when bath time is over, you can collapse the Boon Naked Tub entirely flat, and hang it on your bathroom door with the included hook.


Of course, being from Boon, the Naked Tub has that whimsical look that we love: it’s an elegant white oval with a playful splash of color around the inside. And the materials are 100% baby-safe, with no BPA, phthalates, or PVC.




* Mencken actually made up everything in this essay – nobody really knows when the first bathtub emerged in America. However, it has been fooling people consistently ever since; in 2008, Mencken’s “facts” on bathing were cited in a Kia car commercial.


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