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Comotomo Slow Flow Bottle Nipple 2-Pack in ALL COLORS
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About the Comotomo Slow Flow Bottle Nipple 2-Pack

If new parenting seems confusing and overwhelming to you, consider it from the point of view of the baby. At the very least, you know what your mouth, hands, and feet are for, you can stand up and take a closer look at things, and most importantly, if you’re baffled by something, you can ask an expert.


If you’re not sure what bottle you should use to feed your baby (especially a baby who you’re also breastfeeding), that expert will tell you: Comotomo! These cushy-soft, BPA free silicone baby bottles imitate the feel and function of a breast, and babies and moms both love them.


The Comotomo Slow Flow Nipple Two-Pack includes two Comotomo replacement baby bottle nipples, designed for the first three months of your baby’s life. These bottle nipples have one hole, so brand new babies aren’t overwhelmed as they nurse; you can also adjust the flow by squeezing the baby bottle a little, which lets you give the baby a little more milk, and imitates the letdown of a real breast. The two vents built into the bottle nipple help to prevent colic by keeping babies from ingesting air bubbles. And the nipple locks tightly into the ring of a Comotomo baby bottle, for superior leakproofing.


Like Comotomo Bottles, the Comotomo Slow Flow Nipples are easy to clean, and made with 100% medical grade silicone, containing no BPA or other toxins. They’re safe, comforting, soft, and easy to clean. Contains two replacement nipples, for use with Comotomo bottles only; use for babies ages 0-3 months.

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