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Dream Cakes in ALL COLORS
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About the Dream Cakes

The record for the tallest cake ever made is held by the Hakasima-Nilasari Culinary School in Indonesia: measuring 108 feet high, it contained over 7000 pounds of eggs and over 3500 pounds of sugar, and weighed 20 tons. Sadly, the Guinness World Records website doesn't include the one most important piece of information: how many people did it take to eat it?


The Ravensburger Dream Cakes game encourages kids to dream big and bake big: build the tallest cakes to win! Here's how it goes:


  1. Players take turns spinning the wheel to get cardboard cake layers, frosting, and decorations to add to their cakes;
  2. The cake stands, cake tiers, icing, and toppers are assembled in the proper order according to the directions;
  3. Completed cakes are measured with a Measuring Stick, and ribbon cards are awarded;
  4. When all the ribbons are gone, the player with the most ribbons wins!


But be careful – don't spin “big spill” or all of your completed cakes will fall down!


Kids love the fanciful designs on the Dream Cakes, which include wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and more, and playing this game is great practice in taking turns, counting, and adding. And at the end, kids can pretend to serve up their delicious cakes! This game is a sweet treat for your child – and totally calorie-free.


The Ravensburger Dream Cakes game comes with 75 cake pieces, 15 ribbon cards, 1 spinner, 1 cake measuring stick, and instructions; it's for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up.

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