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Earlyears Monkey Basketball in ALL COLORS
at magic beans

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About the Earlyears Monkey Basketball

Because monkeys have opposable thumbs, they’re remarkably dexterous critters, capable of grabbing small items, carrying items of all sizes, and even, in some cases, using tools. So a monkey is a great coach for a baby who’s figuring out how her hands work, and babies love playing ball with the Earlyears Monkey Basketball set!


This adorable baby toy has a sweet, smiling monkey face serving as the “backboard” for a basket that encourages babies to insert, take out, or dump out the four numbered soft appliquéd balls. Each ball has a sound effect, rattling or crinkling when grabbed and shaken. Babies love to “shoot and score,” and improve their motor skills as they play! The Earlyears Monkey Basketball game is suggested for ages 9 months and up.

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