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Faber-Castell Do Art Travel Easel in ALL COLORS
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About the Faber-Castell Do Art Travel Easel

When a kid loves to draw, there’s nothing more absorbing, and it’s great fun to watch the concentration on their little faces as they render a detailed scene. If only there was a travel toy that was that compelling – it would be great for keeping them happy and quiet on long trips, wouldn’t it?


The Faber-Castell Do Art Travel Easel makes it possible for wee Picassos and Picassettes to exercise some inspiration on the go: this artist easel for kids keeps all of their art supplies neatly contained and gives them tons of art media to choose from, so they never need to get bored! Plus, the Do Art Travel Easel includes instructions for a variety of art projects, so if their imagination doesn’t immediately supply a project to work on, there’s another source of inspiration easily at hand.


The Do Art Travel Easel comes packaged in a neat little suitcase that clips closed, with compartments for all of the high-quality Faber-Castell art materials that are included: beeswax crayons, markers, chalk, wipe-off whiteboard markers with an eraser, and colored pencils. Three art surfaces are provided: a whiteboard, a chalkboard, and a sketch pad with pages that clip in place, plus a pencil sharpener, a sponge, and an instruction book. Kids can use the Travel Easel on their lap or fold it out so their art is propped up.


Reviewers report that kids love how self-contained the Faber-Castell Do Art Travel Easel is, and love having all of their art materials in one place, so they use it just as often at home as they do while traveling. Chalk and pastels can get a little messy, so you may want to quietly pull those items out and chuck them into a kitchen drawer before you embark on a long car trip; otherwise, this kids’ art set is great for the car, for plane trips, and for entertaining kids anywhere away from home – especially Grandma’s house, where she’ll love displaying their finished art on the fridge.


The Faber-Castell Do Art Travel Easel is suggested for ages 4 and up – and since it’s not extremely childish-looking, it makes a great gift for older kids, too!

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