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Gamewright Sleeping Queens Card Game in ALL COLORS
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About the Gamewright Sleeping Queens Card Game

This wacky kingdom has a surfeit of whimsical queens, from the Pancake Queen to the Ladybug Queen, the Cat Queen to the Dog Queen. But some dastardly wizard has cast a spell, and all the queens have gone to sleep. Can you rescue them all?


The adorable fantasyland of Sleeping Queens was created by 6-year-old Miranda Evarts on a night when she had trouble sleeping*, and her imaginative card game is fun for both kids and parents! Game play involves strategy, memory, and some elementary math skills, but anyone who can add on their fingers can play. Here's how it goes:


1) Lay out the 12 Queen cards face-down - they're sleeping! Each player gets five cards, and the remaining cards go in the draw pile.
2) Each player takes their turn deciding which card in their hand to play: Kings wake Queens, Knights capture Queens from other players, Sleeping Potions put Queens back to sleep, and Dragons and Magic Wands can be used to defend captured queens.
3) Once all the Queens are awake, tally up the number of Queens you've captured (or the point value of your Queens) to determine the winner!


The cute, silly play scenario adds so much to this card game for kids, adding a storytelling element to a basic game of strategy and luck. This game wins high points all around, with plenty of awards - call it a royal salute!


Sleeping Queens from Gamewright comes with 79 cards and directions; it can be played by 2-5 players, and is suggested for ages 8 and up.



* ...and given the names of the queens, we're going to bet she watched Adventure Time before going to bed!

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