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Gunamuna - Gunapod Swaddle Sack - Newborn in ALL COLORS
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About the Gunamuna - Gunapod Swaddle Sack - Newborn (available in 4 colors)

If you’re about to be a new parent and you’ve done your research on sleep sacks, there’s a good chance you’re dying for a stash of Gunapods. It’s one of the comfiest and safest sleep sacks around, and our whole staff is patiently waiting for Gunamuna to make adult sizes. But when your little one is new to the world, you’ll lovingly swaddle them each night before bed. If only they could enjoy the luxurious feel of the Gunapod from day one.


Oh wait, they totally can. The Gunamuna Gunapod Swaddle Sack takes everything you love about the Gunapod and optimizes it for newborns!


Why you’ll love it: As a new parent, it definitely takes a bit to master the art of the swaddle. With the Gunapod Swaddle Sack, you’ll never ask yourself if you wrapped or swaddled them correctly. It’s a perfectly snug fit—every time. And most importantly, the Gunapod Swaddle Sack is safe. It provides baby with extra room to fold legs in the “M” position for hip-healthy growth.


Why they’ll love it: Made of ultra-soft Bamboo Viscose, the Gunapod Swaddle Sack is great for a baby’s sensitive skin. The premium hypoallergenic fill simulates the luxurious feel of a down comforter. And they’ll get to enjoy the coziness even when it’s time for a diaper change. You can keep baby swaddled while you’re doing that, too!


How it works: You got this. Just unsnap the shoulders, unzip the sack open, and put baby inside the swaddle piece whichever way is most comfortable for them. You’ve got 5 options!

  • Arms swaddled in
  • Arms out, but inside the sack for warmth
  • Arms outside the sack 
  • 1 or 2 arms up for self soothers
  • Converts to a sleep sack
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