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Gund 10" Snuffles in ALL COLORS
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About the Gund 10" Snuffles

What is it that makes the Gund Snuffles stuffed bear such an enduring favorite? He's cute, round, and friendly, with a subtle smile and a velvety nose, but there's more to it than that: since 1981, Snuffles has been a beloved companion for multiple generations within families. Moms pass their Gund Snuffles bear to their children, or get their kids bears to match their own. What's the secret to this plush bear's appeal?


Once you notice it, it's obvious: Snuffles has his head tilted upwards to gaze at you when you hug him. So whether you're getting the Gund 10" White Snuffles bear for your child, for a gift, or for yourself, this is a stuffed animal that tugs at your heartstrings. Once you start snuggling Snuffles, you won't want to stop.


The Gund 10" White Snuffles stuffed bear is filled with plush, with a bean bag bottom that helps him sit up on his own. His plush fur can be surface-cleaned, and reviewers say that their Snuffles bear does fine in a washing machine and dryer, as well. Recommended for ages 1 and up.