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Haba Carpenter Pixie Walker Wagon in ALL COLORS
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About the Haba Carpenter Pixie Walker Wagon

Pixies are small but powerful, according to poet Samuel Minturn Peck:


“Tis said their forms are tiny, yet

All human ills they can subdue,

Or with a wand or amulet

Can win a maiden’s heart for you;

And many a blessing know to stew

To make to wedlock bright;

Give honour to the dainty crew,

The Pixies are abroad tonight.”


The Carpenter Pixie has one goal and one power: helping your baby learn to walk! An adorable Carpenter Pixie plush doll comes with the Haba Carpenter Pixie Walker Wagon, a baby walker with loads of other fun developmental features to entertain your toddler.


The Haba Carpenter Pixie Walker Wagon has an adjustable brake, so you can loosen or tighten it to suit your baby’s developmental stage. For little guys and gals who are just pulling up, tighten the brake completely so the walker wagon won’t skid off; once your toddler has gotten the hang of forward motion, you can loosen the brake appropriately so he can stride proudly forward.


When it’s time to sit down and play, the Haba Carpenter Pixie Walker Wagon still offers plenty of opportunities for play: colorful play tools include a saw, a wrench, and a hammer, for knocking colorful balls into the walker wagon. And of course, the Carpenter Pixie himself peeks out of a hiding place in the side of the wagon, to keep a loving eye on your child as he toddles forward, or to come out for pretend-play and snuggles.


You can clean the Haba Carpenter Pixie Walker Wagon with a damp cloth and water; sturdy birch wood construction ensures that it will last for many hours of happy toddling, and silicone wheel treads protect your hardwood floors. For ages 9 months and up.