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Hape - Wonder Walker in ALL COLORS
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About the Hape - Wonder Walker

The ability to walk on two legs is something we can easily take for granted, but it's actually a very rare and special thing. When our ancestors first developed bipedal motion, it freed up their hands for the use of tools. With tools, we developed agriculture, writing, and all the other features of human civilization.


Even without the grand historical perspective, watching your baby take her first few hesitant steps is an amazing thing. The Educo Wonder Walker is an excellent tool for this stage: kids who are just beginning to walk can pull themselves up on the wooden handles and then push the baby walker along, using it to support themselves as they explore. The setback wheels provide a stable base so the Wonder Walker won't tip, no matter how wobbly your baby is, and babies are delighted by the feeling of independence they get from walking without your help.


After kids have mastered walking, they'll still have plenty of fun with the Wonder Walker. A generous "wagon" basket is perfect for pushing around toys – kids will love using it as a pretend shopping cart or giving their dolls a ride. And interactive elements around the sides encourage children to exercise their fine motor skills by playing with abacus beads, shapes on tracks, a spinner, gears, and more.


The Educo Wonder Walker is made of sustainable wood, with non-toxic paints. Recommended for ages 12 months and up.

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