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Hedbanz in ALL COLORS
at magic beans

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About the Hedbanz

Grab two to six players, age six and up, for raucous and hilarious guessing fun. Hedbanz comes with a stack of picture cards, each featuring an animal, food, or common object. The categories are few and simple, allowing everyone, young and old, to enjoy the family fun. Each round moves quickly, racing against a one-minute sand clock timer, challenging your questioning skills, your guessing abilities, and your wit.


Each player is dealt one card and three chips. Stick the card in your headband (don't peek!), and then try to figure out what the card says by asking questions such as “Am I a food?” or “Am I an animal?”. When you are greeted with an affirmative answer, begin to narrow down your questions, such as “Do I have feathers?” or “Do I get taken for walks?”  If you feel stumped, check the sample question card which offers helpful tips on questions you could ask. Discard one of your chips for each identity you guess correctly. If you give up or run out of time, you must collect a chip from the chip bank and be dealt a new identity card. The first player to be rid of all chips wins the game.


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