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Jellycat Bashful Pink Bunny Soother Blankie in ALL COLORS
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About the Jellycat Bashful Pink Bunny Soother Blankie

Baby bunnies, like baby humans, spend their earliest days mostly sleeping and eating. Mom bunnies have a lot of important bunny duties to attend to, though, so they tuck their little guys into a nest of fur and grasses, give them a quick feed in the morning, and then hop off to do whatever it is they do all day (mostly eating grass and gossiping with the other bunnies).


So we’re guessing the Pink Bashful Bunny stuffed animal would appreciate some snuggles – and your child will be eager to give them! The Jellycat Bashful Pink Bunny Soother blanket is a delightful napping companion for babies and toddlers, featuring ultra-soft plush fur and an attached snuggly blankie to hug and love. Kids love Jellycat soother blankets, and often adopt them as security items, bringing them along everywhere (if this is the case, you may want to get two). They’re great companions for day care naptime and long sojourns in the car seat, and they’re wonderful baby shower gifts as well!


The Jellycat Pink Bashful Bunny Soother Blanket features a small floppy-eared milkshake-pink bunny friend at the corner of an 18” x 13” blanket. All items are surface-washable, and suitable for use from birth onwards.

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