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Khet 2.0 Laser Game in ALL COLORS
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About the Khet 2.0 Laser Game

In this modern era, the board game has some fierce competition for a kid's attention: the Wii, computer games, Grand Theft Auto... uh oh. However, this board game has a secret weapon for luring kids away from the screen: lasers! It's also a fun and challenging strategy game that the whole family will enjoy – not unlike chess, with a futuristic bent. Still, it's the lasers that make Khet irresistible.


The Laser Game: Khet 2.0 is played by using your mirrored pieces (Pharoah, Anubis, Pyramid, and Scarab) to manipulate the laser that comes from the Sphinx piece. A piece that is hit by the laser on a non-reflective side is eliminated. On each turn, you either rotate a piece a quarter-turn or move it one step in any direction, and any move changes the course of the laser beam. The goal is to eliminate your opponent's Pharoah, and protect your own Pharoah. In promo videos for Khet, the Pharoah actually blows up when you hit it with the laser. This doesn't happen in real life, but perhaps in Khet 3.0?


Khet is easy to learn but difficult to master, with hundreds of strategic possibilities. The better you and your opponent get at the game, the less random and the more challenging the game becomes, which means that Khet isn't a game that kids will tire of quickly. New players will still have a lot of fun, though, because it's so much fun to see where the laser winds up. It is a laser, after all.


Khet has received plenty of critical acclaim and attention, including a spot on Popular Science's list of Best Kids' Toys for Adults, and it has received awards from Mensa Select, Toy of the Year, iParenting, NAPPA, and more. And the class-two lasers in Khet aren't hot or dangerous – kids won't be blinded by bouncing lasers. It's recommended for ages 9 and up.


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.