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Kidoozie Funtime Tractor in ALL COLORS
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About the Kidoozie Funtime Tractor

Just what is it about the International Playthings Funtime Tractor that’s so irresistible for kids? It might be that the farm animals make fun animal sounds when they’re placed in the appropriate slots. It might be the satisfaction of matching the shapes correctly. Or, it might be that the Funtime Tractor rolls forward and makes engine noises when kids press the funnel.


Whatever the source of its appeal, kids absolutely adore the Funtime Tractor. Toddlers love pushing the trailer forward and experimenting with the sound effects, and preschoolers will engage in early imaginative play with the farmer, his animals, and the tractor. We hear that many kids get in the habit of carrying the little chunky animals everywhere with them – they are really adorable! And the wheels are well suited for multiple surfaces, so don’t worry about using the Funtime Tractor on carpet.


The International Playthings Funtime Tractor includes a horse, a sheep, a chicken, a pig, and a cow, plus a cheerful little farmer (who sings “Old Macdonald” when placed in the driver’s seat) and, of course, his tractor. Suitable for ages 1 and up; 2 AA batteries included.


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