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Lascal Buggy Board Maxi Black in ALL COLORS
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About the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi Black

Now that she's a big sister, your toddler asserts that strollers are for babies. She insists on walking like a big kid, but dawdling is more like it. Independence is an admirable trait in one so young, but can be a little inconvenient when you need to get somewhere fast. And what do you do when she announces that she's tired? The Lascal Buggy Board offers the ideal solution, allowing a child to ride on the back of a stroller, on her own two feet.

This updated version of the Buggy Board is designed to fit most umbrella-type strollers with upright tubing. The independent suspension lets the Board pass over bumps and curbs smoothly, and the anti-slip surface gives your toddler a secure foothold. The angle of the Buggy Board remains fixed in relation to the stroller, so it won't upset the balance of the stroller, its passenger, or the Buggy Board rider.

It is easy to attach and release, and folds up for out-of-the-way storage. Options are good - especially for toddlers. The Buggy Board lets your child choose whether to ride or walk, for smooth sailing all the way to your destination.

Please note: This item cannot be returned once the wheels have been attached to the board.


Distance between uprights - Minimum 10.25"; Maximum 19.625"
Connectors made to fit square, oval or round tubing, maximum 2.5"D, 7.8"C

Features and Benefits:
Maximum weight - 44 pounds
Redesigned to fit most umbrella-type stroller with upright tubing
Gives your child a safe and fun way to ride along on your stroller
Great for when you are in a hurry, prevents kids from "lagging behind"
Remains in a fixed position - Ensures the comfort and safety of your child
Lets you pass over bumps and curbs without affecting the balance of the stroller
No tools required, "Easy Fit System" - Can be attached to a stroller in minutes
Optional extension kits - Allows board to fit an even wider range of strollers
Heavy duty, independent suspension - Provides additional comfort for the child
Updated, larger wheels - Offer a smoother ride
Waffled, anti-slip surface - Offers your toddler a safe, anti-slip platform
"Sunken" surface offers extra protection - Prevents kids from slipping off
Side Reflectors make the board more visible at night
Large ground clearance - Makes it easy to walk behind the board
Lift-n-Store system - Lifts your board up and out of the way when not in use