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LightUp Tesla Kit - Bluetooth Edition in ALL COLORS
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About the LightUp Tesla Kit - Bluetooth Edition

LightUp combines the best of both worlds by bringing together an engaging hands-on electronics platform with an interactive iOS mobile app. With the included Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller block, the LightUp Tesla Kit is perfect for kids ready to build awesome projects that combine electronics with code.


The Tesla Kit contains everything needed to get started, but is also a great upgrade for those who already have the Edison Kit since all LightUp blocks are compatible with each other. With the power of code, the number of projects possible is only limited by a kid's imagination.


LightUp was founded by Josh, a teacher, and Tarun, an electrical engineer, who met at Stanford University while running educational workshops. They couldn't find a product that excited kids while teaching them the skills and concepts they'd need as the scientists, engineers, and innovators of the future. LightUp teaches kids how to explore their world with electronics and code. Kids can build exciting projects by snapping together magnetic circuit blocks, and then use the LightUp Learning app (for iPad) to interactively learn important concepts. The app includes introductory projects to get started, with new project ideas added every week. LightUp Lens, the in-app augmented reality feature, helps kids out when things don't work, and even gives them X-ray vision by letting them see electricity flow!


The LightUp Tesla Kit empowers kids to build the projects only they can dream up. The LightUp Learning app teaches them how to code the included microcontroller block, which can be wirelessly programmed over Bluetooth 4.0! With the Tesla Kit, kids can build a burglar alarm, musical instrument, and much more. LightUp blocks included: Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth Microcontroller, Speaker, Light Sensor, Momentary Switch, 5k Resistor, Wire blocks (7), Micro USB Cable