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Magna-Tiles DX Clear 48-Piece Set in ALL COLORS
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About the Magna-Tiles DX Clear 48-Piece Set

We hesitate to use the word “perfect” in toy descriptions, lest we discover that there is one child, somewhere, who does not enjoy a particular product. So when we talk about the Magna-Tiles magnetic building sets, we hedge just a little: Magna-Tiles may be a fraction of a percentage point away from perfect.


But we don’t think that fraction will detract from your child’s enjoyment of the Magna-Tiles DX Clear 48-Piece Set. Magna-Tiles magnetic tiles are the ultimate open-ended 3D construction toy, allowing endless building possibilities, since the magnets attract in all directions. And this Magna-Tiles construction set includes more nifty accessories than ever: a curved arch, a hinged door, hole-punched triangles, and a wheeled chassis add fun new functions, letting kids build Magna-Tiles houses with doors that open (which can then be inhabited by dolls and action figures), and vehicles that roll.


And that’s only the beginning of what you can do with Magna-Tiles. Playing with Magna-Tiles teaches young children about color, shapes, symmetry, and basic math, while it improves their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills; as they get older, they’ll create more and more sophisticated designs, both abstract and specific. The feel of magnets clicking together and pulling apart delights kids of any ages (and adults, too!), and the stained-glass look of the clear plastic pieces is simply beautiful.


So, are Magna-Tiles the perfect toy? Ultimately, we leave it up to you to judge. Get your child a set, and find out for yourself.


The Magna-Tiles DX Clear 48-Piece Set is for ages 3 and up, and includes:


3 large squares

12 small squares

10 right triangles

9 equilateral triangles

6 isosceles triangles

1 wheeled chassis

2 imagination pieces

2 triangles with round window

1 arch

1 square door frame

1 magnetic hinged door

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