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Magnificent Baby Fleece Bear Jacket in ALL COLORS
at magic beans

See all 2 styles of the Magnificent Baby Fleece Bear Jacket in one place for your shopping convenience!
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About the Magnificent Baby Fleece Bear Jacket (available in 2 colors)

Bears have an excellent strategy for winter: instead of investing in snow boots, snow tires, mittens, hats, and a parka, and laying in a three-month supply of hot cocoa, our wise ursine friends have a few very heavy meals, dig a deep hole, curl up in a ball, and spend the season snoozin’. It does sound pleasant, doesn’t it?


Unfortunately, we humans have to spend the cold season doing the things we usually do: eating, working, and taking care of our littles, who require a bit more attention than a baby bear does*. But bears can teach us a thing or two about keeping warm – and looking adorable, too!


The Magnificent Baby Fleece Bear Jacket is bear-y warm and snuggly, and because it’s made by Magnificent Baby, it’s incredibly easy to put on, too: Magnificent Baby SmartClose fasteners harness the power of magnetism to get wiggly babies dressed in a jiffy. The magnets serve the function of snaps or buttons without any time-wasting fiddling – they practically close themselves, making baby clothes user-friendly. And because the Magnificent Baby Fleece Bear Jacket opens in the front, you don’t have to pull it over a struggling baby’s head, either.


The fuzzy outer layer of the Magnificent Baby Fleece Bear Jacket is 100% Sherpa Fleece, which keeps body heat in and cold out, and the lining is angel-soft 100% combed cotton. Add Magnificent Baby Smart Mittens [], which attach to the ends of the sleeves to lock out the cold, for a complete winter warmth solution. It’s so easy we can bear-ly stand it.


All Magnificent Baby items are machine-washable, lead-free, phthalate-free, and independently safety tested.



* Mother bears give birth during their hibernation cycle, and right after birth, they go right back to sleep, waking every now and then to care for their babies.